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Dirty Hen Do Cake

I never thought I'd say this about one of our own creations but I have honestly out-grossed myself out. I'm so disgusted I can't even! If you are easily offended or get queasy quick I wouldn't scroll past the chocolate banana photo because it gets pretty literal from then on.

Bananas chocolate friend commissioned us for a hen do ie bachelorette party cake. The brief?! Plenty of Penis! Okay. Really, now is the time to click on ANYTHING else on this page but scroll further if you really can't handle grossness. Wanna keep scrolling?? Hah, you dirty rebel you. You've been warned though!

Anyway, you can perhaps tell from our style of cakes that genitalia doesn't normally feature in them. Like ever. An internet troll once did say "your macarons look like vaginas" to which I defensively thought "huh, I dunno what kinda vaginas you've seen..." and then I kind of saw her point. So I have some sort of crude vaginal reference for the hen do cake, but still no penis. And I wasn't going to chicken out and use chocolate bananas as a lame reference. They wanted it dirty, I was going to go to town with dirty.

I modelled some brownie "meat & two veg", wrapped chocolate skin on and added some chocolate pubes for good measure. Oh, let's just be even more disgusting and add some chocolate ganache spooge too why not.
Chocolate penis
This is so outrageous I don't even know if it's really genius or really gross. Either way, I can't share it on IG (my mom follows us) nor can I add it into our cakes collection (not kid-friendly!) but I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Hen do Penis Cake
So guys and gals, if you're looking for penis cakes for your hen/stag do you now know where to find one. But please don't tag us in the dick cake pics in case my maa sees!!!
Bachelorette Penis Dick Cake
Lots of love,
Reshmi xoxo


2 Responses



May 13, 2019

I live in Coventry is there any chance I can get this cake on tuesday.



October 23, 2017

Hi there! Any chance I can place an order for one of these for this Saturday? (My best friends hen-do)Don’t mind paying extra to expedite it! Have searched everywhere and none are as great as yours. Have emailed already but Please get back to me just to let me know yay or nay! Thank you! Xxx

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