Dare to dream with our rainbow cakes, where every slice is a brushstroke of joy and a dash of whimsy. These colourful creations blend rainbow Swiss Meringue buttercream with luscious sponge layers, perfect for sparking delight at birthdays and special occasions. For an extra touch of magic, opt for our Meta Unicorn Rainbow cake—a fantastical fusion of unicorns and rainbows. Or, surprise guests with our sophisticated Anges Rainbow cake, a masterpiece of elegance on the outside and a rainbow celebration on the inside.


1. What makes your rainbow cakes special?

Well, it's simple: each cake is personally taste-tested by a team of highly trained unicorns. That’s right, our kitchen doubles as a unicorn sanctuary where these mystical creatures sprinkle a bit of their magic on every cake. Plus, we only use rainbows captured during the happiest of rain showers, ensuring each slice is filled with sunshine and laughter. So, when you take a bite, not only are you tasting a cake, but you're also getting a piece of the most joyful rainbows and unicorn approval. How’s that for special?

2. What flavours are available for the Rainbow Cake sponge?

Our Rainbow Cakes typically feature a vanilla sponge to keep the colours bright and beautiful. However, we’re thrilled to explore other flavour options with you—just get in touch to discuss your preferences!

3. Is there an option to include matching cupcakes with my Rainbow Cake order?

Definitely! We can create a suite of matching cupcakes to complement your Rainbow Cake, perfect for adding an extra layer of fun and flavour to your celebration.

4. How are Rainbow Cakes packaged for delivery?

Our Rainbow Cakes are carefully packaged in sturdy boxes designed to protect their artistry and ensure they arrive in perfect condition, ready to be the showstopper at your event.

5. Can the Rainbow Cake be used as a wedding cake?

Yes, indeed! Our Rainbow Cakes can make a joyful and vibrant addition to your wedding day. With options for customisation and tiering, we can create a cake that’s as magnificent and memorable as your special day.

Delivery: London & Surrey

Cake Delivery

Our delicious cakes are available for London and Surrey 2-working-day home delivery when you order any day of the week. You can get it delivered straight to your door from our bakery, or you can send a cake gift to a special someone who loves cake, letting them know they're in your thoughts. The cake is freshly baked and then packed securely to protect it during transport, and to preserve its appearance and fresh taste for your celebration. Our cakes are ready to enjoy upon arrival, but if you have refrigerated your cake we recommend taking it out 3 hours before serving to experience its full flavour. Searching for a cake nearby? Great news! You can order and pay online from your nearest Anges de Sucre with complimentary local delivery.

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