Rainbow Cakes

The cake making everyone go Gaga, The Rainbow Cake 

Looking for colourful cakes with the colours of the rainbow? Meet our Rainbow Cake collection, an exploding kaleidoscope bubbling with joy, it's the perfect way to gift a smile. Health gurus are always going on about adding more colour to your diet, life coaches say to add colour to your life, hence we present to you our super fun and fabulous Rainbow Cakes - just what the doc ordered!

Our rainbow cakes are different - they're beautifully frosted in rainbow colours on the OUTSIDE as opposed to the inside. Sure, you can get a standard rainbow sponge cake anywhere but why wait till cutting the cake to see a rainbow?! Ours is different in that it is guaranteed to make a statement BEFORE cutting the cake and wowing everyone after with the taste of our signature sponge layers and smooth and silken Swiss meringue buttercream, and glorious Belgian chocolate glaze. 

Order your Rainbow cake online today and pick your delivery date. We need two working days notice for all orders and delivery is throughout London and the surrounding counties.