Explore our Red Velvet Cake Collection, expertly baked with a blend of tradition and innovation, channelling our head chefs attention to detail and creativity. Our proprietary Hero sponge recipe, meticulously developed over a decade, yields a classic, rich red-hued sponge that boasts a moist, tender, and light texture, ensuring a consistently delightful experience in every bite. Complemented by our heavenly low-sugar Swiss meringue buttercream, formulated to be 50% lower in sugar than standard buttercreams, this light frosting offers a smooth, creamy texture that harmonises beautifully with the mild cocoa and vibrant tang of the cake.

Why Buy a Anges de Sucre Red Velvet Cake?

Superior Quality and Flavour

Using our propriety Hero sponge recipe with a unique blend of natural buttermilk, vinegar, and fine Belgium cocoa, our Red Velvet Cakes, are light and moist in texture with a slight tang. We use a very high-grade red food colouring for a vibrant appearance ensuring each cake meets our high standards for both taste and quality.

Customisable for Every Occasion

Ideal for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events, our Red Velvet Cakes serve as a crowd-pleasing centrepiece that can be customised to suit your personal preferences. Choose from various sizes, frosting designs, and additional toppings to personalise your cake.

Seamless Order and Delivery

Order your Red Velvet Cake online and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. We ensure through our inhouse tracked delivery service, timely and safe delivery to all locations within London and Surrey.

Commitment to Sustainability and Service

We use natural and sustainable ingredients, emphasising our commitment to environmental responsibility. We aim for complete customer satisfaction with secure, hassle-free ordering and dedicated customer support available to help you at every step. Free delivery to London and Surrey is testament to our commitment to customer service.  

Red Velvet Cake FAQs

What gives red velvet cake its vibrant colour?

Red velvet cake gets its vibrant red colour from a chemical reaction between cocoa powder, acids like vinegar or buttermilk, and food colouring is often added to enhance the crimson hue.

What frosting is typically used on red velvet cake?

The classic frosting pairing for red velvet cake is a tangy and creamy cream cheese frosting, providing a perfect contrast to the cake's subtle cocoa flavour.

Are there variations of red velvet cake available? Can I personalise the flavour?

While traditional red velvet is beloved, variations exist like adding extra cocoa for a richer chocolate taste or infusing flavours like vanilla (we use Madagascan), almond, or liqueurs for added complexity. Get in touch if you would like to personalise your cake's flavour.

Where did red velvet cake originate?

The origins of red velvet cake are debated - it may have Southern roots using non-wheat flours and buttermilk, but its popularity is credited to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York during the 1920s.

Why is red velvet cake popular for special occasions?

It's simple, it's red and velvety with a beautiful texture. While it's popular all year round for birthdays and weddings, it's extremely popular on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and at Christmas.

Can red velvet cake be adapted for dietary restrictions?

Red velvet cake can easily be adapted for different dietary needs by using gluten-free flours, dairy-free milks, and natural, plant-based food colourings in place of artificial dyes. Get in touch with your requirements.

How should red velvet cake be stored and served?

For the best flavour and texture, red velvet cake should be stored airtight in the refrigerator; this helps the flavours develop. It should be allowed to come to room temperature before serving to allow flavours to fully bloom.