Corner Shop Classics Cakes

We’re all about luxury here at Anges, using the finest Belgian chocolate drip and other fancy ingredients, but we'll admit that after a day of baking we love a cup of tea and a Twix!

So, we’ve put our favourite chocolate bars on our cakes – a stylish combination of nostalgia and class. Crowd-pleasing cakes perfect for any age and occasion. Just don’t go sneaking a Malteser off the top before it’s served!

We’d give our last Rolo for a slice of the chocolate rainbow cake. And our chocolate orange drip cake isn’t Terry’s, its ours! Or yours, just place an order and we’ll take care of the rest.

Looking for a less chocolatey treat? Our Victoria sponge cake topped with Jammie Dodgers is a fun twist on a classic flavour and one of our most popular cakes. Of course we love a biscuit here at Anges - we’ve created an entire range of cookie cakes!

We make your cake extra special with a free personalised chocolate plaque. Simply place your order online and your cake will be freshly baked and carefully hand-delivered to most of London, Berkshire, and Surrey for free.