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Luxury Carrot Cakes

You've probably heard this dad joke loads - Carrot Cake counts as your one of five a day, so might as well hear it once more from us eh? But, other than cracking dad jokes, we also actually bake some seriously good, moist and delicious carrot cakes too!

Let’s talk about classics - our carrot cakes are all-time favourites, moist with classic cream cheese frosting and the unmistakable full flavour of cinnamon, carrots and childhood nostalgia. Our carrot cakes will directly transport you back to your fondest memories of your grandma baking. Are you ready for a culinary trip back to the times when you tried to snitch some raw cookie dough and when carrot cake meant birthday parties and family time?

Carrot cakes - classic recipe but with a twist

Never change a winning system? Our carrot cakes are having everything you will expect from this simple yet delicious treat. How about ordering the Bunny Burrow Carrot Cake for your best friends baby shower. Layers of carrot cake, with cream cheese frosting, piped buttercream in the form of grass and little fondant bunnies - this carrot cakes is cuteness overload. How about making the whole baby shower Bunny themed and reveal the sex of the baby by customising the frosting. You choose and we personalise your carrot cake depending on your wishes. No matter if you want a short message to go with your cake or if you want to choose colours or size. Make sure to check out our size guide to give you an idea about portions. You wanna make sure that all of your guests end up getting a slice (or two). Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you need to know more about servings - we are happy to help.

Nuts and carrot cake - a combination made in heaven

There is nothing that fits quite as smoothly as carrot cake with nuts. From roasted hazelnuts to walnuts - the crunchiness of the nuts adds some extra texture and gives every carrot cake this little extra “je ne sais quoi”. Our favourite? The Carrot & Walnut Cake with smooth cream cheese and Swiss meringue buttercream frosting are perfect for celebrating special occasions and small victories alike. How about surprising your mum with an utterly delicious cake for her birthday, delivered directly to her doorstep or celebrate your sibling's graduation with a carrot cake that reminds you both of your childhood. Add some sassy message and make sure to make your family smile even if you can’t make it to the party. If you are a true carrot cake fan you can also use one for your small barn wedding. This beautiful rustic cake can be both nostalgic and romantic.

Delivery options London & UK 

Personalise your carrot cake by adding text and special elements and can get them delivered to your doorstep. Make sure to plan ahead for a party or family surprise. We offer delivery throughout London and the UK, you can view the delivery rates to all postcodes here. In case you need your carrot cake for a wedding, make sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible. Check out our FAQ for all questions about our top-notch ingredients, information for people with allergies and all you need to know when it comes to choosing your perfect cake.

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