Princess Birthday Cakes

Get princess birthday cake delivered across London, Surrey, and Berkshire

Most little girls grow up with a favourite Disney princess. We do think there is a cool-quotient when it comes to these princess rankings though. Whilst Snow White is cute and all, she really pales in comparison to the awesomeness of Elsa from Frozen.

Sleeping Beauty, really…what a snooze-fest, pun intended. We would much rather be besties with Ariel with her insatiable curiosity and sense of fun and adventure. We obviously have our own Disney princess preferences, hence have Frozen-inspired and mermaid themed cakes. But we’re equally excited about creating any princess themed cakes!

Pink Princess? We all know at least one girly-girl’s-girl and we have the PERFECT pink cake for that precious princess - Our Pink Sweetheart Cake with pink doughnuts, pink macarons, pink candied popcorn, pink buttercream flowers, and all things sweet. Or perhaps our forever popular Pink Flamingo Cake!

But not all princesses fancy pink. Our Fantasy Mermaid cake take on cool blue hues, as does our Mermaid Skirt Tiddly-Two Tiered cake.

To truly spoil the princess in your life, we can even customise your cake of choice with an edible sugar tiara as a special customisation. Simply email us your requests, along with some basic information such as portion requirements, delivery date, and delivery post-code and we’ll make your princess’ cake dreams come true.