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Red Cakes

Bold, vibrant and fiery, our red cakes make a statement. Whether you're hosting a red-carpet affair, you're celebrating the person you love, or you're looking for a fittingly frightful cake for Halloween, we have red-coloured cakes and red velvet cakes galore!

Cakes the Colour of Love

Red is, and always has been, the colour of love. So what better way to tell your special someone that you totally and utterly adore them than with a Red Velvet Heart Cake? Red on the inside, red on the outside, our loved-up, heart-shaped cakes are the ultimate in romance. You'll find moist red velvet cake layers smothered in smooth and silky cream cheese Swiss meringue buttercream, and topped with a romantic bouquet of red buttercream rosettes. It’s the best way to get in the good books with your other half.

Red Cakes That Make a Statement

But it isn’t just romance that the colour red represents. It’s fiery, it’s passionate and it’s perfect for making a statement. Just check out our Triple Decker Viva Las Vegas Cake. Feel like you’re winning big in Vegas, baby, with three fat layers of chocolate brownie, red velvet and vanilla sponges, smothered with red and white Swiss meringue buttercream, then drenched with dark chocolate ganache drips. Sitting atop are all the pieces that bring Vegas home, from a big, blingy sign, to chocolate covered Oreo poker chips, to a chocolaty deck of playing cards. Of all our red-coloured cakes, this is definitely the top dog.

For something a little less bling, yet just as rich, there's our Party Red Velvet Cake. Layers of deep red velvet cocoa-vanilla sponge are coated in delicious white chocolate Swiss Meringue buttercream, and there's a super sexy, smooth Belgian chocolate glaze running down the sides. It may be simple, but as the name suggests, it's a real party pleaser – especially when you tier it up for larger celebrations.

Then, of course, you can't have a Halloween celebration without plenty of blood, and we have the perfect Halloween-themed cakes for the job, paying homage to the Saw films and the Dexter series. While the first hides 'blood'-red velvet cake layers, the latter is covered with 'blood'-splattered buttercream, and they both are oozing red chocolate 'blood' down the sides. Horribly horrific!

Delivery in London and the UK

Because our red cakes are delicate creations, we personally drive orders to you as soon as they are baked, taking the stress out of your cake delivery. Our delivery rates for London and other UK destinations can be found here. We recommend giving us as much notice as possible when you order red and heart-shaped cakes online, especially if you want them to be personalised. Should you have any queries or special requests, do ask; we are always happy to advise you regarding your delivery options, taking care of the fine details so your celebration can be worry-free.


Cake Size Guide

 Tiers Size (inch) Portions
1 8 14
1 10 21
1 12 28
2 6 & 8 22
2 8 &10 35
2 10 & 12 49
3 6, 8 & 12 43
3 8, 10 & 12 63
4 8,10,12& 14 84