Contemporary Wedding Cakes

Attention modern brides and grooms – our Contemporary Wedding Cakes will make your party dreams come true. Choose the perfect cake for your special day and make sure to leave your guests with a sweet and delicious memory. How about a red velvet sponge with a vintage twist or a dream in blue mixing sprinkle-glazed choux buns with buttermilk doughnuts? We got you covered!

Know your weather conditions

A very important factor in choosing the right cake for your wedding is – the weather. Yes, you heard right. Even if you have selected your favourite ingredients and a magnificent design, you still have to consider the temperature of your venue. If you are planning an outdoor summer wedding, make sure your Contemporary Wedding Cake stays well refrigerated until it is served and stay away from too much cream. We will make sure to deliver your cake without any summer heat accidents and consult you on the best choice for your party.

Let your cake be the centrepiece

Make the cake the highlight of your evening and let it kick off the party. The Something Blue Croquembouche Wedding Cake  is a true showstopper and doesn’t do well in the background. Why? Gold-leaf embellishments, piped buttercream flowers, candied popcorn and a looooot of glamour. Give it the place it deserves with a special cake table and decorate the surrounding with an extra dash of glitter. Our pro tip: talk to your florist about using some flowers around your Contemporary Wedding Cake to make it fit your entire decoration. We are happy to consult you on sizes and portions. Check out our guide here  and get all the information about servings beforehand.

Get your spouse involved

We don’t want to play too much on clichés, but in our experience, brides are usually reigning the wedding organisation while their significant other is being moral support. Make sure you are both involved when it comes to ordering a wedding cake. Not only is it a very fun activity to do together, some brides will be surprised by the excellent taste of their future husbands. True romantics choose the Ivory Dreams Wedding Cake . White chocolate and utterly delicious meringue drops, piped buttercream details, gold-leaf embellished macarons – this Contemporary Wedding Cake is a dream of ivory.

Delivery options for London & UK

We offer delivery throughout London and the UK and you can view the delivery rates to all postcodes here . As the cakes are fragile, we personally drive your cake to you as soon as they are baked and in time for the big day. We recommend giving us as much notice as possible, especially if you want a personalised wedding cake. We are always happy to advise you regarding your delivery options. The last thing you need on your special day is stress around your cake. Relax, and let us take care of your sweet party highlight.




Cake Size Guide

 Tiers Size (inch) Portions
1 8 14
1 10 21
1 12 28
2 6 & 8 22
2 8 &10 35
2 10 & 12 49
3 6, 8 & 12 43
3 8, 10 & 12 63
4 8,10,12& 14 84