Explore our Floral Cake Collection, exquisitely crafted with our proprietary Hero sponge recipe.

Each cake is artfully decorated with piped buttercream flowers, reflecting decades of culinary expertise and creativity. These masterpieces feature a light, moist sponge complemented by our heavenly low-sugar Swiss meringue buttercream, which is 50% less sugary than traditional recipes. The delicate floral buttercream designs add a touch of elegance, making every slice a visually stunning and delightful experience.

Why Buy an Anges de Sucre Floral Cake?

Superior Quality and Flavour

Utilising our exclusive Hero sponge recipe and skilful buttercream piping techniques, our Floral Cakes are both visually stunning and delicious. Each cake is a testament to our high standards of taste and quality, with their vibrant and intricate buttercream flowers.

Customisable for Every Occasion

Ideal for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events, our Floral Cakes serve as an elegant centrepiece that can be personalised to suit your style preferences. Choose from a variety of sizes and designs to make your celebration truly unique.

Seamless Order and Delivery

Order your Floral Cake online and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. Our in-house tracked delivery service ensures timely and safe delivery across London and Surrey. With over a decade of experience and a flawless delivery reputation, you can trust us.

Commitment to Sustainability and Service

We use sustainable and high-quality ingredients, locally sourced where possible, emphasising our commitment to environmental responsibility. We strive for complete customer satisfaction with secure, hassle-free ordering and dedicated customer support ready to assist you at every step. Free delivery to London and Surrey is a testament to our commitment to service excellence.

Floral Cake FAQs

What types of buttercream flowers are used on your cakes?

We craft a variety of exquisite buttercream flowers such as roses, peonies, and daisies, ensuring that each is as delicious as it is visually appealing.

Can I customise the floral designs on my cake?

Yes! We offer the ability to personalise your cake with hand-piped buttercream flowers that suit your event's theme or personal style. Please drop us an email with your ideas.

Are buttercream flowers better than real or artificial flowers for cakes?

Buttercream flowers are ideal for cakes as they are entirely edible and safe, avoiding the potential toxins or pesticides found in real flowers, and the non-food safe materials in artificial flowers.

How should I store and serve a floral cake?

For optimal flavour and texture, keep your floral cake in a cool, dry place until it's time to serve. Enjoy it at room temperature to best experience its delicate flavours.

Is it safe to use fake flowers on cakes?

While fake flowers can be used for decoration, they must be food-safe and free from chemicals. However, our cakes use buttercream flowers for safety and quality.

Can I put real flowers on my cake?

Yes! Be sure they are food safe.

Delivery: London & Surrey

Cake Delivery

Our delicious cakes are available for London and Surrey 2-working-day home delivery when you order any day of the week. You can get it delivered straight to your door from our bakery, or you can send a cake gift to a special someone who loves cake, letting them know they're in your thoughts. The cake is freshly baked and then packed securely to protect it during transport, and to preserve its appearance and fresh taste for your celebration. Our cakes are ready to enjoy upon arrival, but if you have refrigerated your cake we recommend taking it out 3 hours before serving to experience its full flavour. Searching for a cake nearby? Great news! You can order and pay online from your nearest Anges de Sucre with complimentary local delivery.

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