Bespoke Corporate Cakes

Looking for gifts ideas for your colleagues, clients, customers or an anniversary? Why not a choose a fully customisable showstopping Corporate Cake! Perfect for office birthdays, corporate gifts, corporate milestones and events. Please contact us for information.

We don't do ordinary/normal corporate cakes or branded cupcakes, it’s just not something we are happy doing. We make corporate cakes and corporate cupcakes which are original, great-tasting and great-looking. They will actually leave a positive lasting impression with your clients rather than be forgotten.

When was the last time you saw or heard someone rave about a standard logo cake or cupcake? Never, that's right. Because nobody cares about a boring branded cake or cupcake. They will forget about it as quickly as they discard the wrapper. Our cakes and corporate cupcakes are 100% Instagram-worthy and make a bold statement for your brand and corporate event. Branding a cake or cupcake is best done tastefully using your company colours throughout the design. The easiest and often most effective method is to take an existing cake design and add your company logo. They are perfect as company anniversary cakes. Sometimes there is beauty in simplicity too. Take a look at the Deliciously Stella Cake below branded with Paypal's logo.

Corporate Cake

Or, you could go totally bespoke to your theme of choice, whether it is to celebrate a company milestone, anniversary or a product launch. 

If you want a properly stylish corporate cake or branded cupcake in London, get in touch using the form below. Or drop us an email to hello@angesdesucre.com. Our corporate cake specialist will answer all your questions. Read more about us a company here. We deliver within Greater London as standard and by arrangement across the UK.


Bespoke Corporate Cake
Corporate Cake London

Corporate  Cupcakes for Diplo

Corporate Branded Cupcakes for Diplo Single Launch

Corporate Branded Cupcakes for Diplo

Corporate Branded Cupcakes for Diplo

Corporate Cake for Lee Stafford

Corporate Cake for NailsInc

Corporate Cakes for BAE

Corporate Cakes for Garnier Summer Body Product Launch

Corporate Cakes for Lee Stafford Chocolocks Product Launch


What sizes are the cakes?

A corporate cake can be baked in small and large sizes alike. From 4" to 12" and with 1 to 5 tiers. We have created cakes for some of the world's leading brands for their corporate events to feed a few people and to feed hundreds. A big favourite we recommend for multiple clients is a small 2 tiered cake with a logo topper. It's a cake that makes a big and lasting impression for a leading brand.

Can you make the cakes gluten free or vegan?

We do not offer free-from cakes.

Can we add a Logo to our cake?

We can print your company logo onto icing and decorate your cakes and cupcakes with them. If you're adding your logo, why not customise the colours of the cake in your brand colours?

Can you deliver and to multiple locations?

No problem. We have plenty of experience delivering hundreds of cakes within short time frames. We are also experienced in delivering cakes for press drops along with branded collateral and samples.
We are able to box your cakes and deliver them directly to an event or venue in London.

How do I place an order?

To place an order, please contact us by email or phone with your personalisation requests, approximate or maximum budget and we will take it from there. For anniversary cakes, branding in your company colours is highly recommended. We recommend giving us as much notice as possible. We do appreciate some things are last minute and will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Can I order branded cupcakes?

No problem! There are many ways to brand your corporate cupcakes. Head on over here to learn more about our branded and corporate cupcakes. Check out the branded cupcakes we made for TalkTalk and the BBC

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