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Luxury Cake Shop serving London, Surrey and Berkshire

Anges de Sucre is an award winning online cake shop based in London. We offer free delivery of our luxury cakes throughout London, Surrey and Berkshire and to any venue of your choice. Anges de Sucre is French for ‘Sugar Angels', pronounced ‘Onj-duh-Sue-k’ (optional: to fake a fabulous faux-French accent add a light coughing sound at the end) or just ‘Anges’ for ease and familiarity.

Cakes Galore - Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, and loads more celebration cakes

Now that we have that awkward pronunciation issue out of the way, let us introduce ourselves! We're Anges, an award-winning small family-run online cake maker and decorator based in London baking a fabulous range of birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and more. Anges was founded by Londoner Reshmi Bennett, she was trained in classical French cuisine in Paris at École Grégoire Ferrandi and then developed her craft under Michelin starred chefs before starting Anges de Sucre.

Birthday Cakes being made in London

Combining classic French cuisine techniques with flavours from around the world, we whip up and deliver a selection of hand-decorated cakes around London. You have GOT to see our fabulous birthday cakes - they're nothing short of showstopping. 

Anges de Sucre Cakes in Selfridges, London

Selfridges, London

So where can you bite into a piece of heaven? Since 2015 we have supplied our cakes to Selfridges in London and were official cake supplier to one of the world's best department stores. As our little bakery grew we have focused on delivering to our customers online but this doesn't stop us from delivering the special personalised service you deserve. You now don't have to go anywhere to get our cake, as we bring our magic to you!