Our recipes have defined our award-winning cake business that's been named the Best Bakery in London and even Europe by numerous publications such as Vogue, Time Out and Evening Standard. 

Our cake designs are artistic but at the core of it, what makes our customers return over and over again, is our signature Hero Sponge Recipe. This recipe was developed by Reshmi Bennett, founder of Anges de Sucre, when we needed to re-assess our profit margins and quality consistency.

The Hero Sponge is a true hero in every sense for us. It's the most cost-effective and time-saving cake sponge recipe there is. It's the most versatile - you only need the one base batter which can be flavoured to anything else ranging from chocolate or red velvet to Nutella or lemon. But most importantly, it tastes incredible - moist, with a flavoursome and tender crumb, that keeps its freshness for a week without the use of any preservatives or additives.