30th Birthday Cakes

Order your 30st birthday cake with a personalised message delivered across London, Surrey, and Berkshire

We make a big deal of a 30th birthday. And rightly so. Three whole decades on Planet Earth deserves to be made a big deal of. Whilst we’re speaking of big deals, our 30th birthday cakes are just that. Named as the best cakes in London by Vogue, Time Out and the Evening Standard, we make a celebration out of each and every special cake we create for this monumental milestone.

Some regard twenties as the prime of youth. However, thirties are the new twenties and we’re only as young as we feel. Nothing makes you feel younger than the nostalgic awe of a spectacular birthday cake.

Intimate and cosy gathering of close friends, partner or family? Our 6” size cakes, intricately designed such as the Posh Pistachio or Kinder vs Nutella cakes, make memories that last long after the last bite is savoured.

Big 30th birthday bash? Our multi-tiered birthday cakes in extravagant styles, such as the Golden Stella or Pink Sweetheart, make a dramatic impression. And if you’re going all out, then you wouldn’t need to look any further than one of our Croquembouche cakes.

If you’re going themed, we’ve got plenty of popular ones covered - Alice in Wonderland, Viva Las Vegas, or our Fat Unicorn cakes would fit right in and stand out for all the right reasons.

Or perhaps you’ve already got some ideas in mind for a customised version of one of our famous cakes? Email us your ideas and we can help quote for it if possible!