70th Birthday Cakes

Platinum 70th Birthday Cakes to Order

A 70th birthday needs to be celebrated with aplomb. It is after all, the Platinum Jubilee of each person’s life. You may still be engaged in a glittering career, finally embarking on personal pursuits and interests long put off (you know, due to that thing called life) or enjoying retirement. One thing you will certainly love above all is having all your near and dear ones around you at once to celebrate your seven decades on this planet.

And there’s nothing quite like an exquisite, attention-grabbing cake that will gather everybody around the special platinum birthday person. Our cakes are guaranteed to cause audible gasps of wonder not just because of the way they look, but also their luxuriously superior tastes.

Each of our cakes for every special 70th birthday is made individually by hand - not a factory line. We source the best ingredients from our trusted suppliers - Callebaut chocolate, Belgian cocoa, Madagascan vanilla, real British dairy butter and free range eggs. Our recipes are hailed as some of the best in London and Europe and we can assure you that our cakes will be true crowd pleasers.

Opt for our decadent number cakes to celebrate a special 70th, or a stunning Meta Cake, with layers upon layers of sponge and buttercream.

If you have something extra special in mind or have some bespoke queries, please do send us an email with your requirements and we will get back to you asap with availability and quotes.