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Mother's Day Cakes

Looking for a Mother’s Day Cake?Celebrate the most important women in your life with a delicious treat and show them with one of our Mother’s day Cakes what they mean to you (no matter the date). Order in advance to guarantee availability.


We believe that most moms deserve a whole month, maybe even a whole year of celebration for what they do for us. They make us chicken soup when we are sick (even when we already moved out 10 years ago), stand by our side no matter if we are right or wrong and occasionally criticise our fashion and dating choices. Mothers are hardly ever wrong. 

Plan a special day

How about planning a Mother’s Day celebration with a theme and take it as an opportunity to show off your party planning skills to your family. Instead of going for the usual decoration, incorporate your mum’s passion into the planning. How about a “Paris St. Germain” theme for your artsy mum or a “Pretty in pink” day all circling around your mother’s favourite colour? Our Monet-Antoinette Cake is inspired by the famous French queen and her exquisite taste in desserts. Swiss meringue buttercream, chocolate sponge layers and a cascade of macarons make this Mother’s Day Cake truly Marie Antoinette worthy. Invite your mom’s favourite friends, cool the champagne and make it a day to celebrate her dedication and love. Our size and portions guide will give you insights on servings. Make sure everyone gets a slice of this delicious sweet treat (even your lazy brother or sister who just tags along with your party planning skills).

Spend quality time together

If you don’t see your mother often, because you work a lot or live far apart, take Mother’s day as an opportunity to spend some quality time together. Sometimes life is just too busy and those precious moments can get overlooked. Surprise your mum with a visit and a Salted Caramel Nuddy Muddy MacDreamy Cake. Sea-salted caramel Swiss Meringue buttercream, pearls, macarons and candied popcorn - we have to admit that this dream of a cake might not be the best start to a sugar detox. Book a nice spa treatment for both of you (yes gentlemen we are also looking at you) and make sure your mum feels completely spoiled. Caring for a family can be exhausting - time to give your mum the well-deserved break she is craving for. Make your dad responsible for dinner or reserve your mother’s favourite restaurant for a perfect ending of the day.

Delivery options for London

We offer delivery throughout London and the UK, you can view the delivery rates to all postcodes here. As the cakes are fragile we personally drive your cake to you as soon as they are baked not to ruin your mother’s day celebration. We are always happy to advise you regarding your delivery options. Personalize your Mother’s Day Cake to make it even more special - let us know in advance and we make sure your planning goes smoothly.

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