Pastel Wedding Cakes

Dreamy pink, a dash of subtle turquoise and a hint of faint yellow – order one of our Pastel Wedding Cakes and celebrate your special day in style. Perfect for couples that like a sophisticated wedding without taking themselves too seriously. Belgian chocolate, meringue buttercream, vanilla sponges and other utterly delicious ingredients make our Pastel Wedding Cakes not only visually appealing but also incredibly tasty. Freshly baked to order in London.

Wedding decoration – pretty in pink

Everything is just a bit better in pink, even weddings. And when we say pink, we mean all shades from rose to flashy fuchsia. The best thing about keeping your wedding decoration in this trendy colour? You can go absolutely crazy on flower arrangements. Make your Pastel Wedding Cake the centrepiece surrounded by pink roses or make it shine all by itself in all colours of the (pastel) rainbow. The Pink Sweetheart Wedding Cake, for example, is one of our favourites. A good mix of fun and romance, it combines baked buttermilk doughnuts, candied popcorn and just enough Belgian chocolate to make your guests come craving for more after the first bite.

Too much pastel? Impossible!

How about cranking it up a notch by going all in. Our Unicorn Croquembouche Wedding Cake  is made for everyone that doesn’t want just any ordinary wedding cake but a true statement. Where should we begin to describe all the heavenly ingredients in this work of bakery art? Imagine piped buttercream flowers, chocolate pearls, sprinkle-glazed choux buns, eclairs, vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream, assorted macarons and... we are not even half done listing all the fantastic things that come with the Unicorn Croquembouche Wedding Cake. Check out our guide about sizes and portions to make sure you have a piece or two for every guest. You will also find all the information regarding prices to make sure you have it in your party budget.

Attention romantics – your Pastel Wedding Cake is waiting

Who would not say, “Yes” to a dream of pink, ivory and gold macarons in a romantic classic design and customisable sponge flavours? The Pink Rose Romance Wedding Cake  definitely deserves its name. This glamorous version is for everyone with a heart for happy endings. Add some extras to make the cake even more special and give your guests something to talk about for years to come. Why start with the decoration? Be different and make your wedding style fit the cake instead of the other way around. Pro tip: take inspiration from previous weddings that you have been a guest at. Discover Pastel Wedding Cakes on our website and get in touch to talk about the details. If your significant other has a true sweet tooth – taste our options and decide which one fits you two lovebirds best.

Delivery options for London & UK

Don’t worry about delivery and cake organisation – we have you covered. Just pick the Pastel Wedding Cake that makes your heart skip a beat and let us take care of the rest. We offer delivery throughout London and the UK and you can view the delivery rates to all postcodes here . As the cakes are fragile, we personally drive your cake to you as soon as they are baked and in time for the big day. We recommend giving us as much notice as possible.