Naked Cakes

Naked and Naughty Cakes, just as Nature intended!

The Naked Cake trend has been around for a good few years now and gets more and more popular, proving it is far from a fading fad but a steady-strong stalwart amongst all cakes.

There's something deliciously alluring about seeing layers of cake peeking through under lashings of silky Swiss meringue buttercream (not any old buttercream - our buttercream is seriously smooth and perfectly balanced in flavours). Our Naked Cakes come in a variety of flavours and styles, from our popular Doughnut Cakes, of which the Ghetto Riche Salted Caramel version is very popular, and Macaron Cakes such as the Nuddy Muddy MacDreamy. And then there is reigning king of all cakes, the Triple Decker Nutella Ferrero Rocher cake standing tall with three lofty layers of brownie, cookies & cream and cookie dough layers.

Stylishly stripped back is not to be mistaken with under-dressed! These cakes are purposefully given a rustic shabby-chic look and are dressed in the full glory of our signature Belgian chocolate drip glaze, decorated with a vast array of toppings, and fully loaded on flavour - the contrast is incredibly effective and absolutely stunning.

Nothing looks as good naked as our Naked Cakes do!