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Bespoke & Cute Valentine's Day Cakes London

You’ve probably already sent flowers, jewellery, teddy bears, chocolates, [enter next predictable present]. And even if you’ve sent one of our valentine cakes before, we promise you it would still be the most delicious surprise, and who wouldn’t want to see that genuine smile of delight on their beloved’s face on Valentine’s Day! Order online for delivery from our London Cake Bakery. Order in advance to guarantee availability.

Even if you both don’t think it’s a “big deal”, a gesture goes a very long way, and it’s proven beyond doubt that the best way to the heart is the stomach – that’s where Anges de Sucre comes in to play! Our delicious cakes, with sumptuously moist and lofty layers of sponge and silken buttercream in award-winning cake flavours and designs, invoke emotions of such joy that we guarantee the recipient will be loving the sender long time after Valentine’s Day has been and gone. Cake is definitely the key to everlasting love!

Delivery for Valentine’s Day

We’ll deliver your perfect Valentine’s Day cake in London to your paramour as speedy and skilfully as Cupid is with his bow! Simply select the cake of your desires, the perfect size, personalised with a short message of sweet nothings on chocolate and select your chosen delivery date on the cart page and follow through shipping details and confirmation – leave the rest up to your cake cherubs at Anges de Sucre to create the cake of your dreams for your dreamboat and deliver it to their doorstep for Valentine’s Day!

Heart-Shaped Cakes

Say I Love You the way this Valentine’s Day…and the right way has got to be with a heart-shaped cake!

Our most striking and popular design that’s red with passion is the Red Velvet Heart Cake – piped to perfection with a bouquet of red buttercream rosettes, contrasted against a smooth as silk cream cheese Swiss Meringue Buttercream with deliciously moist and tempting layers of red velvet sponge baked into a heart shape – the eponymous and universal symbol of love.

You couldn’t go wrong with the Red Velvet Heart cake but if the second love of your life is chocolate then we also have you covered with our Deliciously Stella Heart cake and Choco-Cookie heart cake with layers of vanilla or chocolate sponge, Belgian chocolate buttercream and drip glaze and decorated with a treasure trove of chocolates and cookies.

Secret Valentine’s

If you’d like to remain anonymous and surprise the object of your affection in the most delicious way (you old romantic, you…we like you!), the cake cherubs at Anges de Sucre are here to help you do just that! Select one of our intricate cake designs (we highly recommend one of the heart-shaped cakes to really get the message across), inscribe it with a romantic short message on chocolate, and let us know in the Special Instructions box on the cart page that you would like it sent anonymously. From then on, mum’s the word - we promise, even if the recipient holds our cake-cupids to ransom at delivery we will never give up the sender!


Now…if you’re single this Valentine’s and are just about sick of all the saccharine sweet lovey-dovey stuff going around at this time of year why not treat yourself to the best cake? After all, self-love is the best love and what better way to celebrate loving yourself than to indulge in the most delicious way! Choose from our ever-popular cakes such as the Deliciously Stella or be naughty and order one of our super rude cakes, get your single friends together and have a great night celebrating love, laughs and friendship.

I'm sure that you will find your favourite Valentine's / Anti-Valentine's Cake amongst our large collection!