Doughnut Cakes

The Original Doughnut Cake

This is the real deal, the real McCoy of all doughnut cakes out there. Having first launched our very first bonkers cake design topped with baked buttermilk doughnuts in early 2015 these designs have now inspired a whole host of copies cropping up all over Instagram and Pinterest. However you can now rest assured you've landed right here at it's birthplace!

Our doughnut cakes are fun, cool and come in a delightfully delicious array of flavours - cookies & cream for the cookie-loving monsters, Matcha green tea for culture vultures and Peanut Butter Pink Wink for dazzling divas...there's one for everyone!

These doughnut cakes are perfect for birthdays, parties and office celebrations and are sure to be centre of attention anywhere. And what makes these doughnut cakes so perfect and widely-loved? Ask Beyonce! She clearly knows! "If he liked it he shoulda putta ring-doughnut on it!"*

*(well...we took some creative liberty in interpreting Single Ladies lyrics. Beyonce was obviously meaning to sing about cakes).