Amazing Cakes

Loud, Crazy and Totally Amazing Cakes

Mad as a hatter, ridiculous, amazing and downright delicious cakes ready to party! When creating these designs our team didn't hold back on the fun, and it shows. The best-seller, #DeliciouslyStella, is the reigning Queen B of the Bonkers Cakes - inspired by the Instagram comedic sensation @deliciouslystella it's crammed with chocolate chip cookies dough, Oreo cookies, fudgey brownies, KitKats, maltesers, rolos, Kinder Buenos and chocolate fingers. The crazy colourful LSD and Gaga-Rainbow cakes are also unmissable and very popular for cool kids' parties and then of course, there are the Triple Deckers that are INSANE with their fudgey brownie bottom layers.

If you're mad, like us, you'll definitely get along with our amazing cakes very very well. Like bonkers-bezzies-4-eva.