Tiddly 2-Tiered Cakes

Undeniably adorable Tiddly 2-tier Cakes

Our tiddly 2-tier cakes are tiddly in size, and immense in effect. Of course, being just 3” and 4” layers, these cakes are small and diminutive by any measure, with just 7 servings. The beauty of these tiny cakes lies in just how tiny they are.

The individualistic element of presenting a tiered cake to someone for a special occasion is unusually generous. If it’s a birthday party, at work or with a few friends, having a special tiddly-tiny-tiered cake makes the experience feel monumental. They are also ideal as proposal cakes or for saying a thoughtful thank you, without the risk of ever coming across as materialistic.

Small cakes of 4” or smaller actually command more attention and time than larger sizes, so rest assured that whilst your tiddly-tiered cake is very small, it will be made meticulously using the same recipes that have gained us our reputation as London’s leading luxury bakeries.