Unique Cupcakes Delivered within London

You've had cupcakes, but if you haven't had our Cupcake Heroes yet then you've clearly saved the best for last!

Our unique cupcakes are baked to order in our West London kitchen. Cupcakes can be purchased online for delivery across London and the UK based on distance from our bakery. View more detailed information about our London cupcake delivery service.  

Looking for the standard cupcake made by just about everyone? If so, you've come to the wrong place. Looking for cupcakes in London that are a unusual and a cut above the rest? You've come to the right place. Our Swiss meringue buttercream cupcakes are creating quite the stir in the world of cupcakes and breathing life into the classic treat all over London!

What makes our Cupcake Heroes so exceedingly good I hear you say? Time to brag...

  1. We use ridiculously good ingredients usually preserved for much more expensive desserts.
  2. We use Swiss Meringue Buttercream. It's has superior characteristics with silky smooth texture. It's also more flavoursome requiring way less sugar than regular cupcake buttercream. Defo bonus.   
  3. Have you seen them!!!
Treat your guests to these unique little cakes baked fresh daily in our west London Bakery; these light as air treats are perfect for those looking for cupcakes like no others.
Are you daydreaming of a light and fluffy cupcake, covered in creamy goodness and decorated with your favourite treats? We’ve got cupcakes to buy from our online bakery now ready to take you to a whole new level. Each cupcake is handmade with skilful hands and a whole lot of love in our London kitchen every day of the week.

Our angelic creations including our famous macaroons and marshmallows, have been praised by the press - we are very proud - and in the short while our cupcakes have been available they have been mentioned in Cupcake blogs. Take a skip and hop over to our blog to read the latest news on our cakes and look out for Anges de Sucre cupcakes.

Branded Cupcakes 

If you are looking to brand your cupcakes, be it by flavours, colours or adding you logo, head on over to our dedicated page for branded cupcakes for all your bespoke needs. Depending on your order size, we can fully customise the entire cupcake. Be warned, our cupcakes aren't like usually cupcakes...they are way better!!! 

For all other enquires please get in touch by emailing us or giving us a ring. 

Cupcakes for Events

We are big fans of anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions, and understand how important such an event can be. We’re here to help and would love to hear from you to find out how Anges de Sucre can help make your event perfect. Did we tell you that we also make incredible cakes and bespoke dessert tables?

Have you a last minute London event? Don’t let your cupcakes be anything but the best! Contact us with your requirements and we’ll do our utmost to help your day go without a glitch, with the most delicious cupcakes just for you.