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The Most Incredible Unicorn Birthday Cake Croquembouche

Oh Em a weekend where we saw a bevy of tiered birthday cakes leave the bakery we also squeezed in a totally last minute Large Horn of the Unicorn Birthday Croquembouche Cake! And dude, it looks INSANE.

Unicorn Birthday Cake CroquemboucheIt took us 2 days non-stop to get the whole thing baked and decorated and what a beauty it is. Shaikha's birthday must have been pretty special for this to make an appearance along with dozens of matching Unicorn cupcakes.Unicorn Cupcakes

Layers of chocolate and vanilla sponges in pretty Unicorn pastel shades of Swiss meringue buttercream frosting, decorated with sprinkle choux bun profiteroles, eclairs, macarons, Ferrero Rocher cones, piped buttercream flowers, candied popcorn and baked buttermilk doughnuts galore. I don't care if people say you can't really pick your favourite child etc or if I sound biased, but I love this croquembouche creation of ours to bits and above all the rest. How could you not!? 

Unicorn Birthday Cake Croquembouche

While delivering this to a location smack in the middle of London a bystander was staring at it gapey-mouthed and asked a hundred million questions while I was carrying it like my most precious little baby that weighed a ton - "Ohmygod what is that?! Croquembouche what?? What is it for? Who is it for? I bet it is a foreigner who bought that because no one from this country would, it's far too extravagant!"

Croquembouche Cake

Umm what?!? Yes, okay this particular customer may have a "foreign" name but I have no idea where they are from and frankly, don't think it's any of my business as we love all our customers as they clearly have great taste in common. The assumption that only "foreigners" would order something extravagant was possibly one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard, especially as they are still the minority and for us to target our business to a small sect of society would be pretty silly...and I have heard some real sillies over the years. Plus...I'm freakin "foreign" myself, so? Some people...tut tut.

Thankfully good taste and cake knows no borders.

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo 

Curious George Birthday Cake

Our lovely regular customer Sim got in touch a while ago to create a bespoke customised birthday cake version of our hench Triple Decker Nutella Ferrero Rocher Brownie Cake, two tiers no less. While we are strictly NO NOVELTY cakes (not hating, but it's simply not our thing) I instantly perked up at the mention of her daughter Abigail's birthday being Curious George themed and her love of the colour yellow. The cake HAD to have little bananas on it then!

Chocolate bananas

We hand-modelled some white chocolate bananas, both peeled and unpeeled. They are SO FREAKIN CUTE. Yeah they took time as we make all our own modelling chocolate, colour it, shape it, shade it blah blah blah but I do think they look absolutely adorable and are totally worth the extra expense to fit this theme. Plus, it's chocolate, not fondant, and tastes great too!

Curious George Themed Birthday Cake

Decorating the two tiers of the Triple Decker cake with the bananas was a joy - each banana adding a pop of colour and dimension to the decor already in place including Ferrero Rocher cones, chocolate chip cookie dough, Oreo cookies and brownie crumble.

Curious George Themed Birthday Cake

It was one of our busiest baking days and while every cake that leaves our bakery is our baby I will admit I had a mega soft spot for this one and was sad to see it leave yet excited at the same time for Sim to receive it! So imagine my hysteria when she emailed us this:

"Cake has arrived. Looks amazing! Please thank all those who made it."

YASSSSS!!!! High fives all around! 

Curious George Themed Birthday Cake

I think some of our best bespoke work has been for those customers who are open to our suggestions and don't spam us with loads of photos of other cake makers' cakes. Our strength lies in our creativity which is of course aligned to our style as that's what we specialise in but by letting us breathe and do what we do best is possibly the best way to get the best out of us! Totally over-used the word best there, but it is the best word ;)

Thanks for this awesome order Sim! Hope Abigail loved it as much as we did!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo 

My Best Friend's Wedding Cake

The best thing that ever happened to me? As sappy as it sounds, it was meeting the love of my life through my best friend, which then led to the best day of my life - our wedding day.

Stiff competition but a very easy close tie for "Best Day Ever" is now my own best friend's wedding. Not just because I had the honour of being "Matron of Honour", or the honour of making the wedding cake, but because there was finally some proof that my meddlesome character had some merit - I had persistently pestered my husband's friend and the bff to meet up almost 5 years ago and what an incredible thing it was to witness them getting married this past weekend!
Chocolate Drip Wedding Cake Tunnels Beaches Devon
It had me thinking all sorts of deep profound thoughts, which isn't my usual gig. As I watched the ceremony I had a little look around and saw so many known faces - our many friends in common, family members and extended network of friends I've come to know over the years, and of course my husband. All through the one chance meeting through being allocated a room in uni halls next to who is now my dear best bud. 

Sure, I felt like a million bucks having my hair and make up done by Claire Bowring in my very glam, yet comfy, bridesmaid dress and saw the most beautiful sunset at the unique Tunnels Beaches (incredible wedding venue in North Devon), but most of all I felt so lucky and proud to see two people I love be in love and celebrating them with so many others who love them too.

Tunnels Beaches Devon

I must have got a lumpy throat and teary on 14 separate occasions being so overcome with emotion. What a mess! Aghh the deepness is killing me so I'm going to swiftly move on to the CAKE.
Chocolate Drip Wedding Cake Three-Tiered
We embarked on our road trip from London to Ilfracombe around mid-day on Friday having decorated THE cake in the morning. We ran with the buttercream colours from our Horn of the Unicorn Croquembouche cake which oddly enough matched some of the beautiful sunset over the horizon colours. We decorated it with baked doughnuts, macarons, ice cream cones, candied popcorn and profiteroles and choux buns over three tiers of vanilla and chocolate sponge layers. And of course, two little chocolate love bird toppers for the newlyweds Mr & Mrs Bird!
LoveBird Wedding Cake
It was a hair-raising 6 hour drive with horrific traffic along the way. At times I was so nervous about the buttercream as we were in standstill in the sun but remarkably the cake reached the destination in MINT condition and we could finally relax.
Bird Wedding Cake
All in all, I've come back brimming with happiness, albeit a bit depleted of energy but full of warm fuzzies. What ultimately makes people happy is cherishing and nurturing our relationships while we're here, be it family and/or friends. And gosh, the realisation of how one random encounter can have such an enormous ripple effect on our lives, eh? DEEEEEP. Here's a very serious photo of me to match the sentiment.
Wedding Cakes London
Lots of love,
Reshmi xoxo