Macaron Cakes

Macaron Cakes to Make Marie Antoinette Proud

Our delicious lofty cakes are given a Parisian make-over with plenty of macarons in various flavours. There's often an unnecessary unspoken rivalry between macarons and cakes when we think there needn't be when one can have BOTH! The colours, textures and flavours of our macarons are paired perfectly to create a range of macaron cakes from delicate and pretty like the Matcha-Sakura, shabby-chic like the Nuddy Muddy MacDreamy, or wildly bonkers like the LSD Cake. 

The MacDaddy's Party macaron cake is the one for real macaron junkies with nothing but piles of macarons (it can also be made in a gluten-free* option), and our team's favourites are tossed between the Pink Wink and Ghetto-Riche Salted Caramel cakes.

You can definitely have your cake AND macarons, and eat them both with one of our beautiful macaron cakes.