Birthday Cakes for Dad

Dad Birthday Cakes

Spoil Dad with a birthday cake. Whether or not he’s easy to get a gift for, you’ll NEVER go wrong with a delicious cake from London’s best birthday cake makers.

We know too many dads who aren’t the easiest to pick presents for. They’re either way too specific, or not specific at all. Wherever your father lies within that tricky-birthday-gift-spectrum, we can guarantee you he will feel special with the attention showered on him with cake.

Birthday cakes make a great gift for Dads. And here are three reasons why

Making Memories - They make real memorable moments when you gather family and friends around the birthday dad and sing a cheerful Happy Birthday together around a gorgeous cake. And the photos will remind you of this special moment shared for years to come. Cakes Aren’t Ostentatious - If you’re worried about coming across as OTT for any reason, a special birthday cake is the perfect gift for dad. Our luxurious cakes have the wow factor and impress everybody without risking any awkwardness of coming across as excessive or the opposite. Cake is Best - Have you met ANYONE that said NO to a birthday cake? We haven’t. Your dad won’t either.

Cakes for Dads Birthday

We have some spectacular cake designs that dad will love. From our Chocolate Malt Milkshake Cake, to our sumptuous Guinness Chocolate Cake, or our forever popular Ghetto Riche Salted Caramel Cake - whichever cake you choose, we will only bake it fresh to order using the best ingredients such as Callebaut chocolate, Belgian cocoa, Madagascan vanilla, real British dairy butter and free range eggs. Our exacting famous recipes ensure the perfect fluffy and moist sponge. And our signature Swiss meringue buttercream, made by whipping free range egg whites into an airy Italian meringue before being mixed with British butter will guarantee the smoothest melt-in-mouth moment.

We’ll also take the hassle out of delivery! Choose your delivery date from our delivery date calender at check-out and we’ll make sure your freshly-baked cake is hand-delivered safely on your chosen date. Having a birthday party for pops at a restaurant? Or a birthday lunch at dad’s favourite pub? No problem, we deliver there too! But do check with your venue in advance if they are happy to accept your cake delivery between 09:00-17:00 - most good venues do but it’s always worth checking.

Birthday Cakes for Dads  in London, Surrey and Berkshire

Want a special birthday cake for dad on a special occasion? We have got you covered. We have the following birthday cakes for dads that are bound to get love and appreciation:

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