Pink Cakes

Pink, no other colour is romantically feminine or appetizing delicious. Pink is the colour of happiness and jovial times. Brighter pinks are the colour of a child cheeks, carefree and full of youth while darker pinks are sensual and passionate. Pink is the sum of its parts you could say: the passion of red mixed in with the joy and purity of white. It is no surprise that our Pink Cakes bring smiles and sometimes blushes across London.


You may think that pink is for girls and you maybe right. Researchers from Newcastle University found that women were naturally inclined to favour pinker variations of various colours. It is thought that woman’s eyes are better at picking up hues of pink. While pink is clearly a favourite amongst women, I think if I were a boy and got a pink wink cake, I would still be pretty happy.


Browse through our collection of Pink Cakes for birthdays, weddings, baby showers parties and of course for girls. Cake delivery is available throughout London and the surrounding counties.