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Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate as a food is delicious - we all know that right - it can be decadently dark or playfully sweet. As a symbol it is even more: the perfect sorry, comfort in times of trouble, a sign of appreciation or even love. Here we present a range of moist and indulgent chocolate cakes from the cute to the sophisticated baked fresh to order and delivered free in London.

Can Anyone Resist a Slice of Chocolate Cake?!

Rhetorical question, obviously. Using only premium and luxurious Belgian chocolate in our recipe, our chocolate sponge is deep, dark and deadly delicious. We've created a whole range of chocolate cakes paired with various flavours and decorations ranging from the ever popular sea-salted caramel, Matcha green tea, Oreo cookies & cream, peanut butter and Nutella, so there's always a reason to come back for more!

Know anyone with a chocolate addiction?? Of course you do. Now you know where to feed that addiction from! 

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Cake Size Guide

 Tiers Size (inch) Portions
1 8 14
1 10 21
1 12 28
2 6 & 8 22
2 8 &10 35
2 10 & 12 49
3 6, 8 & 12 43
3 8, 10 & 12 63
4 8,10,12& 14 84