Cake Delivery

Great news! 🚚 Delivery to all the areas we cover is on the house! Yep, you read that right—it's absolutely free. We're all about spreading the cake love without any extra costs. Enjoy the sweetness delivered straight to your doorstep without breaking the bank! 🍰🎉

London and Surrey.

Absolutely! You're welcome to have your cake delivered wherever suits you best—be it home, work, or any venue ready to receive it on your behalf, within our delivery hours of 09:00-17:00. While our delivery window is broad, our drivers aim to get your cake to you as early as possible and will send you a more accurate ETA on the delivery morning. Just a heads-up: do double-check your UK mobile number when ordering to ensure you receive our update without a hitch.

Your cake arrives in style, hand-delivered by our dedicated driver who ensures it reaches you safely within our delivery window of 09:00-17:00.

We'd love to make it happen, but at the moment, we don't offer guaranteed timed deliveries as part of our standard service. However, our considerate driver will reach out in the morning with an ETA to keep you in the loop. If you need your cake by a certain time, we recommend opting for delivery the day before your big moment. In case that doesn't work for you, we do have a limited number of Priority Delivery slots available at an extra cost starting from £25. Feel free to reach out, and we'll happily chat about your options.

No worries at all! If you have commitments throughout the day, we suggest giving us specific alternative instructions. You can let us know a safe spot for your cake or nominate a friendly neighbour, helpful porter, or accommodating concierge who's happy to accept your delightful treat on your behalf. We're all about making it convenient for you!

Absolutely! Our driver is on the ball. They'll give the recipient a friendly morning call on the delivery day to share an estimated delivery time. Safety comes first, so while they're on the road, they won't pick up the phone to ensure they handle the precious cargo of cake with utmost care. But don't worry, if they encounter any address hiccups, a lack of response, or if you've requested a call upon arrival, they'll ring the UK delivery contact number you provided. Your cake is in good hands!

We've got you covered! Just a heads-up, our delivery fee includes one delivery attempt. If, for any reason, the delivery couldn't be completed, there may be an additional cost involved. If you need a second delivery attempt on the same day after missing the first one, we can arrange it, starting from £30. We want to ensure your cake reaches its sweet destination, but please understand that we can't accept liability or cancel orders due to missed deliveries caused by unavailability. Your cake adventure continues!

We've got a plan for you! While we don't deliver on Sundays
or Mondays, our cakes are like champs—they stay fresh for up to 5 days. So, if
you're eyeing a cake for a special Sunday or Monday occasion, we recommend
scheduling delivery for Saturday. Just a quick reminder, our cakes are
deliciously perishable, so make sure you have a cozy spot to store them. Your
cake, your schedule, and a dash of planning – that's the recipe for cake

We appreciate the enthusiasm, but unfortunately, we don't
offer cake collection from our Production Premises or any other location. We're
all about making life sweet and simple for you, so let us handle the delivery
while you focus on savouring the deliciousness!

No worries, we're here to help! To make any changes to the delivery address, we kindly ask for a heads-up at least three working days in advance. Just drop us an email to confirm the new address details. Do keep in mind that postcode changes may incur additional costs.

If you find yourself needing to update the address with less than three working days' notice in writing, we'll do our best, but we might not be able to process it in time. And if the delivery address turns out to be incorrect without that three-day heads-up, a re-delivery cost, starting from £30, may apply. We're all about making things easy for you, so let's plan ahead for a smooth delivery experience!

Please find full details cancellations here.

Head over to Cake Delivery London page for general delivery information.

Cake Storage

No worries, we've got your cake covered! If your cake has been taking a cold nap in a cool place, like a winter garage hideaway, we recommend giving it some time to warm up to room temperature before diving in. It's like letting your cake stretch and get ready for the big reveal, and it takes about 2 hours. So, patience is key, and soon enough, you'll be enjoying a delicious slice of perfection!

Our cakes are like delicate treasures, and we don't use any preservatives, so they're highly perishable. While they'll stay delightful for up to 5 days, here's how to keep them in tip-top shape:

  • Find a cool, dark, and dry spot, away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid the fridge, unless you're facing extreme conditions.
  • For extra freshness, consider sealing the box in cling film or keeping it as airtight as possible.

Quick note: Inside the cake, you might find tiny supports like cocktail sticks or dowels. Just remove them before serving to enjoy every bite.

We're all about savouring the sweetness! Generally, we recommend enjoying your cake within 5 days. But here's the inside scoop: while the cake itself stays fab, some components, like the doughnuts, might not stay quite as fresh for as long.

For the ultimate taste experience, we believe the cake is at its best in those first few days after delivery. Want to dig deeper into the science of cake freshness? Check out our blog post for more tasty details!

  1. Use the original box – it's your cake's best friend.
  2. Carry it with both hands.
  3. If you're taking public transport, you can use a bag. Here's the trick:
  4. When carrying the bag, don't let the handles come together, as this can add pressure to the sides of the box.

With these tips, your cake journey will be a piece of cake itself!

Cake Storage

Bespoke & Customisations

We want to be completely honest with you – we've made a tough call. We've discontinued all our free-from cakes, including vegan, egg-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free options. Why, you ask? It's because we struggled to reliably source those niche ingredients, and our bakery isn't quite big enough to stock them all.

But here's the sweet news – all our cakes are vegetarian and they steer clear of alcohol (with a teeny exception for the Guinness Chocolate cake and any cakes with gold/silver lustre).

Absolutely, we love a dash of personal touch! While we can accommodate a limited number of bespoke and customisation requests, we're all ears for your ideas. Just drop us an email with your cake dreams, and our talented Chefs will sprinkle their magic and provide recommendations and a quote. It's worth noting that any bespoke or customisation request comes with a little extra love, starting from £10 per customisation. Let's make your cake dreams come true! 🍰✨

While we don't create novelty cakes or replicate designs from other cake makers, we're all about adding a unique touch to your cake. Our talented team can craft bespoke hand-modelled cake toppers that bring your vision to life, starting from £50 with a minimum of 3-weeks notice.

Alternatively, you can explore our Photo cakes, which offer fantastic value and stunning visuals (thanks to our amazing artist). Our signature style is what makes us special, and we hope it's why you're choosing us in the first place! Let's create a cake masterpiece together! 🎂✨

We're up for the challenge! We occasionally craft bespoke cakes depending on the nature of the request and our availability. If you have something special in mind, don't hesitate to reach out, and we'll see if we can make your cake dreams a reality. Let's explore the possibilities together! 🍰✨

While we don't duplicate other people's cake designs, we have something equally exciting up our sleeves. We create fantastic photo cakes in collaboration with our talented artist. It's a creative way to add a personal touch to your cake without copying existing designs. Let's make your cake unique and unforgettable! 📸🍰✨

We take pride in our cake design as an art form. Our recommendation is to choose a design from our collection and let it shine as it is. You can always add a personal touch with a plaque message or make subtle alterations, like changing the buttercream colour. Creating a cake from someone else's imagination can be challenging and might not yield the best results for you. Let's collaborate to make your cake a masterpiece while staying true to our artistic vision. Discover more about our bespoke birthday cakes for delightful options. 🎂🎨✨

Ordering a cake

Accounts are entirely optional! We've streamlined our checkout process to be super quick and hassle-free. If you prefer, you can save your details in your browser for faster repeat checkouts. To stay updated with news and more, you can choose to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram. It's all about making your cake-buying experience as convenient as possible! 🍰🛒✨

For all your payment-related questions, please scroll down to our Payment FAQ section. We've got you covered with all the information you need. If you ever have any doubts or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. Your sweet satisfaction is our priority! 🍰💳✨

Ordering your dream cake from Anges de Sucre is as easy as a piece of cake! 🍰 Here's a step-by-step guide to placing an order online:

STEP 1: Find and Add Items to Your Cart

  • Visit the Anges de Sucre website.
  • Navigate by selecting a category or product type.
  • Choose the item you desire and click "Add to Cart."
  • Your selection will appear in your cart.

STEP 2: Choose Delivery Date

  • On the cart page, select a delivery date from the availability calendar.
  • Note that greyed-out dates are unavailable, either because we are fully booked or it's our day off.

STEP 3: Checkout

  • You can choose any delivery address, be it your home, work, hotel, or restaurant.
  • Add delivery instructions if needed.
  • For more delivery information, check our help home page.

STEP 4: Confirm Your Order

  • Review your order to ensure all details are correct.

STEP 5: Make Payment

  • Add your card details and proceed with the payment.
  • We accept Paypal and all major credit cards.

STEP 6: Confirmation Email

  • Once your order is complete, you'll receive a confirmation email with all the details.

Voilà! Your delicious cake is on its way. 🎉 If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. We're here to make your cake dreams come true! 🌟

Of course, you can place an order over the phone with us! 📞 Here's how it works:

  1. Email us to arrange a phone call to discuss your order and preferences.
  2. We'll then send you an email invoice, allowing you to conveniently pay online.
  3. For larger orders, we also accept bank transfers.

We're here to make the process as smooth as frosting on a cake. Feel free to reach out, and we'll assist you in getting the cake of your dreams! 🍰

Here's the scoop:

🍰 To secure your spot on our baking calendar, choose a delivery date from the availability calendar on the cart page.
📅 If a date is greyed out, it means we're either fully booked (our ovens are working overtime!) or taking a well-deserved day off.
🚚 We offer contactless delivery only, so you can enjoy your cake safely.
🛒 Unfortunately, we don't offer collections.

To get your hands on one of our delectable creations, it's best to order as soon as you spot an available date. Let's make your cake dreams come true! 🎂

Shopping Cart

It's as easy as a few clicks – just head to your cart, adjust the quantities to your heart's desire, and you're all set to indulge in more of our delightful creations. 🍰🛒

Making your order a thoughtful gift is a breeze! When placing your order, simply head to the "Add notes" section and include a short 5-10 word message. We'll make sure to print this heartfelt message on our small address label for the lucky recipient. Plus, here's a little bonus – we won't include any invoices, bills, or receipts with the parcel, so your gift remains a sweet surprise. It's the little touches that make sharing our cakes even more special! 🍰🎁

Absolutely, we understand that sometimes you need a little more time to decide. If you leave our website and return later, your cart is often automatically saved by your browser. However, to ensure you don't miss out on your selections, you can also add all your order details, including your email address, and we'll send you a reminder with your cart 12 hours later. This gives you a generous 24-hour window to complete your purchase before your chosen delivery date expires. We want to make sure your cake dreams come true, even if they take a little extra time to savour! 🛒🍰🕒

Change/Cancel Cake

Oh dear, it seems like the confirmation email might be playing hide-and-seek in your spam/junk folders. But fret not, we're here to help! If that elusive email hasn't made its appearance, the best course of action is to reach out to our friendly team at Simply drop them a line, letting us know what and when you ordered, and we'll roll up our sleeves and dive into the depths of our system to track it down for you. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're on a mission to ensure your order gets the attention it deserves!

No, you won't find it online, but here's the scoop: You will receive an order confirmation email confirming your order details. Once you've got that in your inbox, consider your order officially in the mix. We'll take it from there, and your order will be seamlessly integrated into our bakery schedule, where the magic happens!

In the confirmation email, you'll find your order number waiting for you. It's your ticket to tracking your sweet delivery journey!

We totally get it; sometimes plans change. Here's the scoop: we're here to help, but we do have some guidelines. We require at least 4 weeks' notice prior to the original order delivery date for cancellation. If you decide to cancel before this deadline, you'll receive a full refund, minus a 10% cancellation fee of the total order value.

Now, if you need to cancel after that initial 4-week window but before two weeks from the original order delivery date, you'll be subject to a 50% cancellation fee of the total order value.

However, if it's within two weeks of the delivery date, we won't be able to provide a refund. Keep in mind, if your order was placed within two weeks of the delivery date, any cancellation won't be refunded. We're here to assist you every step of the way!

Absolutely! We understand that sometimes plans need a little tweak. Just send us an email. We've got you covered!

Absolutely, we understand that life can be unpredictable. We recommended giving us an email first to see what we can do. Here's the lowdown on adjusting your delivery date [formally]:

Bringing the Delivery Date Forward: If you'd like to move your delivery date up, we've got you covered! We require a minimum of two weeks' notice to make that change, provided the date you're eyeing is available.

Postponing the Delivery Date: Need a bit more time? No worries! We also require two weeks' notice to postpone your delivery date, as long as the new date is available. Please keep in mind, though, that our Cancellation Policy applies to the original delivery date you selected. This means any orders that are postponed are non-refundable based on the initial delivery date. We're here to assist you with any date adjustments you need!

Gift Messages

We'd love to make your order extra special, but here's the scoop: we currently don't offer gift wrapping. Our delicious cakes require special handling with their outer packaging to ensure they arrive in perfect, mouthwatering condition. We want your cake to be a delightful treat from the moment it arrives!

We're all about adding that personal touch! You can include a heartfelt message by taking advantage of our complimentary chocolate plaque that comes with every order. Simply add your message on before adding your cart to your cart. Your message, our delicious cake – a perfect combination for a sweet surprise!

Absolutely, you can! Simply pop a note in at checkout to inform us of your wish. Rest assured, we'll ensure that the recipient remains in the dark about the generous soul behind their surprise.

Simply jot down your note on the cart page, and we'll ensure it's included with your present. Plus, you can select a delivery date a tad earlier than the big reveal to keep the surprise perfectly timed. We're here to make every moment as special as it can be, with a touch of care and a sprinkle of anticipation.

Returns & Refunds

Upon delivery, please take a moment to ensure everything meets your expectations. If anything's amiss, do let the driver know right there and then for immediate assistance. But remember, reaching out to us directly is always the best first step for the friendliest, most understanding service. We're here to make things right, with a smile.

Given that cakes are perishable delights, we ask that you let us know of any concerns at the very moment of delivery. This allows us to spring into action straight away, ensuring we address your concerns with the warmth and swift care you deserve. We're all about making moments joyful, not stressful.


We accept  AMEX, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, PayPal and Klarna

Oh, the bother! This hiccup can spring from a few different reasons—maybe the address was typed in a quirky way, or it doesn't match what your bank has on file, or perhaps a tiny typo sneaked in and autocorrect decided to join the party. Here's a little tip: a chat with your bank might clear things up, especially if they've mistaken your purchase for a bit of mischief. Or, feel free to drop us a line with your order info, and we'll whisk an invoice your way, which might just do the trick. Got PayPal? That's another splendid option. We're here to smooth out these bumps with a dash of patience and a sprinkle of care.

Simply look for the voucher field during checkout and pop in your number. It'll be magically deducted from your total, showing you the adjusted amount before the final nod or any additional payment. We're all about making your experience as smooth as a freshly baked cake.

At Anges de Sucre, we take your security as seriously as our cakes! We're certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, which is the gold standard set by the big names in the card industry—AMEX, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa—to protect your card details online. Our commitment to a secure shopping experience is absolute; your data is yours alone, and we promise to always keep our security systems in line with the best practices. So, rest easy and enjoy shopping with us, knowing we've got your back every step of the way.

While it's not a must to register to make a purchase, creating an account does sprinkle a bit of magic on your future shopping sprees. It remembers your address details, making your next order as easy as slicing a piece of cake. And don't fret about payment details—they're not stored. So, for an experience as smooth and delightful as our treats, consider signing up.

Wedding Cakes

We're thrilled to cater to lovebirds planning ahead or riding the wave of spontaneity! You can secure your dream cake with us up to a year in advance for weddings and grand celebrations. And for those last-minute decisions? We embrace them with open arms! We've even whisked a wedding cake to the venue within just TWO DAYS of an enquiry. So, whether you're ticking off your checklist early or in a delightful dash, we're here to make your day unforgettable, promise in hand.

Currently, we sweeten the deal with free delivery across London and Surrey. Planning your celebration a bit further afield? No problem at all—simply get in touch for a personalised delivery quote. We're dedicated to making your cake journey as effortless and delightful as the flavours we offer, ensuring a service that's as smooth and satisfying as the icing on your cake!

We're passionate about creating cakes that bring joy to every celebration. However, we've had to make the tough decision to discontinue our 'free from' range, such as vegan, egg-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free cakes. This decision stems from our challenge in reliably sourcing the niche ingredients required, combined with the scale of our bakery which doesn't allow us to stock a wide variety of these special items.

Absolutely, we delight in curating exquisite dessert tables for grand celebrations, including large weddings. Our specialty lies in crafting an enchanting array of sweets that perfectly complement your special day. For more details and to discuss how we can tailor a dessert table to your unique tastes and preferences, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here to turn your dream dessert spread into a reality, adding a touch of sweetness and elegance to your celebration.

The answer hinges on when your big day is scheduled! We suggest getting in touch with us as soon as you can, sharing your wedding date so we can quickly let you know our availability. Do keep in mind, weekend dates during the peak season from May to September are particularly sought after and often get snapped up well in advance. So, to ensure we're part of your special day, reaching out early is the way to go!

Looking for inspiration from our wedding cake masterpieces? Absolutely, you can feast your eyes on our stunning wedding cake collection right here, or why not take a leisurely stroll through our blog? There, you'll find a treasure trove of our best wedding cake photos, each one a testament to our passion for creating edible art for your special day. Whether you're dreaming of something classic, contemporary, or utterly unique, our gallery is sure to spark your imagination and get those taste buds dancing with anticipation!

You'll find all the delightful details within our wedding cake collection, where each creation is showcased along with its pricing. Dreaming of a cake that's uniquely yours? We're all ears and eager to bring your vision to life. Just send us your brief, and we'll whip up a personalised quotation for you. Whether it's a twist on one of our existing beauties or something entirely new, we're here to ensure your cake is as memorable as your special day.

Our cake flavours include vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, cookies and cream, pistachio and lemon, carrot, and custom options upon request. You can mix and match these delicious flavours for a delightful cake experience.

Our most sought-after creations are inspired by the elegant Macaron and Roses and Macaron and Pearls designs. These exquisite choices have captured the hearts of many couples and continue to be cherished classics for weddings filled with love and sweetness.

We're here to make it happen! While we don't provide the flowers ourselves, we're more than happy to collaborate with your chosen florist before delivery to ensure your cake is adorned with the most beautiful blooms. It's important to note that not all fresh flowers are safe to eat, and it can be unhygienic due to potential chemicals. But with careful planning, we'll ensure your cake is a blooming masterpiece!

Coordinating with your florist to adorn your cake with fresh flowers? Absolutely! We're more than happy to liaise with your chosen florist, providing them with all the necessary details, dimensions, and images to make your cake look spectacular. However, when it comes to the costs and the final choice of fresh flower arrangements, that's a delightful collaboration between you and your florist. Together, you'll create a cake that's a true botanical masterpiece!

Absolutely, we take care of delivering wedding cakes of all sizes across London, and the best part is, they arrive ready to enjoy with no setup required. It's our way of ensuring that your special day is as hassle-free and delicious as can be!

To secure your delicious creation, we kindly request the full balance at the time of booking. It's the key to ensuring we can confidently confirm the production and delivery of your cake for your chosen date. So, when you're ready to indulge in cake bliss, don't hesitate to book, and we'll make sure your cake dreams come true!

We understand things change, and we're here to help! If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to cancel or make amendments to your order, please don't fret. We're empathetic folks, and we encourage you to reach out to us first. For all the details on our cancellation policy and how to make adjustments to your orders, you can find everything you need in the footer links. Your peace of mind is our priority!

While we don't provide free consultations or samples, we're committed to offering excellent value and a delightful cake experience. You're more than welcome to email us to start a conversation about your wedding cake. We're here to discuss your cake dreams and bring them to life, ensuring your special day is filled with sweetness and joy!