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Get your favourite, customised first birthday cake delivered across London, and Surrey

A first birthday is one of the most special birthdays for any parent. It’s not special at all for the one year old boy or girl- they don’t really know any different at just twelve months old. But for the parents, it’s such a momentous milestone where they’ve managed to rear a fragile, helpless little human baggage for an entire year, probably running on very little sleep that too. Truly, a remarkable feat.

Such remarkable feats should be commemorated! How? Whether you decide to throw a party for friends and family to celebrate with you, or just want to keep it small and intimate, a special cake is a wonderful way to mark the milestone. The photos and videos of the most precious first birthday baby along with a cute cake will make memories last forever. You baby won’t remember anything from the day of course, but the photos will always be there for them to look back on and see how their parents celebrated!

And wow, don’t we have a MASSIVE range of birthday cakes to choose for, just for the very special occasion! If your baby is into stuffed animals, our Marcel the Monkey or Paddington Bear cakes are perfect. Or we also do various Number 1 cakes. Our favourite is the Pastel Swirl number Cake, but apparently the Choco Cookie Number Cake is the one that’s most popular with our customers for a first birthday party.

If you’d like to customise your baby’s first birthday cake with - perhaps a hand-modelled edible figurine of their favourite teething toy or a baby shoe, simply email us with your requests, delivery date and post-code and we’ll get back to you with availability and a quote. We’ll make it happen. You deserve the best cake for doing so well!

You can have your cake delivered anywhere you like – our drivers are in-house so we can be very flexible. Restaurants, offices and home addresses are all normal delivery locations.

2 weeks is recommended. We have limited availability reserved for orders placed up to 2 days before.

If you are unavailable at any point between 09:00-17:00 we would recommend providing detailed alternative instructions on a safe place or nominate a neighbour/porter/concierge who is willing to accept your perishable item on your behalf.

Delivery: London & Surrey

Cake Delivery

Our delicious cakes are available for London and Surrey 2-working-day home delivery when you order any day of the week. You can get it delivered straight to your door from our bakery, or you can send a cake gift to a special someone who loves cake, letting them know they're in your thoughts. The cake is freshly baked and then packed securely to protect it during transport, and to preserve its appearance and fresh taste for your celebration. Our cakes are ready to enjoy upon arrival, but if you have refrigerated your cake we recommend taking it out 3 hours before serving to experience its full flavour. Searching for a cake nearby? Great news! You can order and pay online from your nearest Anges de Sucre with complimentary local delivery.

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