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Modern and Elegant Wedding Cakes

Our Modern and Elegant Wedding Cakes are perfect for brides and grooms who have had their “Dream Wedding” Pinterest boards ready since they started dating their significant other. They are made for the hopeless romantics that want a sophisticated wedding with a memorable twist! Order in advance to guarantee availability.

Wedding cakes – made for real romantics

Wedding planning can be a bit overwhelming at times. When the excitement of the engagement turns into endless checklists and countless to-do items, it’s important to keep a clear head. One of the first questions that couples have to ask themselves is: what kind of wedding do we want? The whole extended family or just a couple of friends? Unconventional with a geeky theme, or elegant and traditional? Our Modern and Elegant Wedding Cakes fit all occasions. Ivory Swiss meringue buttercream, twirling flowers on vanilla sponge layers. The Ivory Flourish Wedding Cake  is our deluxe version of every romantic’s dream. It is made for cosmopolitan weddings at opulent city hotels or family style celebrations outside. You can find an overview of our prices and sizes here  for your further planning.


Modern Wedding Cakes that your guests will love

Keep track of everything while planning your happiest day, but also accept the fact that there will always be some unexpected chaos along the way. Don’t lose your cool – often, the unplanned things turn out to be real life (or party) savers. The extra guest that you haven’t anticipated might rock the party until midnight and the wrong flower delivery might be just what you needed to add a dash of colour to your decoration.

Our Pink Watercolour Cascade Wedding Cake  is perfect for exactly those situations. Make it the centrepiece of your minimalist decoration. Of course, it doesn’t only look pretty, it tastes heavenly too. Golden salted-caramel ganache and golden pearls are combined with a light vanilla sponge. The pastel-pink frosting and the watercolour effect give it a romantic finish that your guests will love.


Choose the right Elegant Wedding Cake together

Pro tip for everyone that is stressed by all the small details that need to be decided. Reflect on all the weddings you have attended as a guest. What did you like about food, decoration and organisation? Steal the best ideas and make them your own by adding details that highlight your journey as a couple. You do not have to invent the wheel anew, take inspiration from your friends. It is a huge compliment to be copied, so they won’t mind. Probably the most important tip for all brides: you are not alone in this, involve your partner as much as you can. For example, make him responsible for choosing the cake. Who knows, maybe his favourite will surprise you and you will discover the hardcore romantic in your future husband. Our delightful Vintage Lace Buttercream Brocade Wedding Cake, for example, is a highlight for brides and grooms and has never disappointed. Make sure to think about sizes and servings to choose the right cake for your number of guests. Consult our portions guide with pictures to get an idea of your options.


London Delivery 

We make sure you don’t have to worry about delivery and cake organisation. Just pick your favourite of our Modern and Elegant Wedding Cakes and get it delivered to your venue or doorstep. We offer delivery throughout London and the UK and you can view the delivery rates to all postcodes here.  As the cakes are fragile, we personally drive your cake to you as soon as they are baked and in time for the big day. We recommend giving us as much notice as possible, especially if you want a personalised wedding cake.