Banana Cakes

What could be better than the fruity flavour of a banana cake? We use the ripest bananas to achieve the naturally sweet wholesome taste. It’s a flavour that reminds us of childhood: banana splits; banana milkshakes; banana pancakes; banana on toast. Our banana cakes take the humble fruit that we know so well and turn it into something you’ll never forget. Order in advance to guarantee availability.

We are all bananas! Have you ever noticed bananas are all called bananas and yet no two are the same. They can be yellow, green or black (perfect for cake), thin or fat, short or long, but when someone says banana we all think of the same thing. We don’t wonder where they have come from (French Banana anyone?) And while two bananas are never the same, we don’t care because the differences between bananas are unimportant to us. We should think of everyone as a banana. It can also be said, they make a seriously good cake.

Fun fact: banana cakes are happy cakes. It’s almost true. Bananas have high levels of tryptophan which is converted by our bodies into serotonin (the happy chemical). It’s the perfect celebration cake and we can recommend no better than the Caramelised Banana-Rama Cake.

We make your cake extra special with a free personalised chocolate plaque. Simply place your order online and your cake will be freshly baked and carefully hand-delivered to most of London, Berkshire, and Surrey for free.