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Prepare yourself for an adventure in flavour with the ultimate sweet treat - Salted Caramel Cakes! Imagine biting into a cake where gooey salted caramel glaze meets the silkiest of buttercreams, and chocolate cups brimming with salted caramel bliss. These cakes are not just desserts; they are heavenly experiences. Whether it's a birthday cake or a gourmet escapade, our online delivery to London and Surrey is free! From the indulgent Ghetto-riche Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake to our classic caramel creations, our range caters to every occasion. Trust our hand-delivery service to bring these masterpieces to your doorstep in pristine condition. Order online now for a slice of the sublime from Anges de Sucre.

Our salted caramel cakes are more than just confections; they are edible narratives, waiting to tell your unique story. Personalise your cake with a bespoke message, transforming it into a celebration of your special moments. Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or any significant milestone, our cakes are crafted not just for their exquisite taste but to forge unforgettable memories. Place your order today and revel in the luxury of Free Delivery across London and Surrey. Each cake is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, a promise that resonates in the glowing reviews of our valued patrons. Don’t let this extraordinary culinary journey pass you by – order your salted caramel cake now and ignite a celebration unlike any other!


"Salted Caramel Latte Cake - Taste = AMAZING! Apperance = WOW. Thank you all- Oliver.O
" Buy the Ghetto Riche! It's the best. My 3rd cake from Anges de Sucre now, all have been perfect. Easy Delivery " - Amelia.A
"Sweet, salty, and downright irresistible. A delight in every sense." - Frederick.F

You can have your cake delivered anywhere you like – our drivers are in-house so we can be very flexible. Restaurants, offices and home addresses are all normal delivery locations.

2 weeks is recommended. We have limited availability reserved for orders placed up to 2 days before.

If you are unavailable at any point between 09:00-17:00 we would recommend providing detailed alternative instructions on a safe place or nominate a neighbour/porter/concierge who is willing to accept your perishable item on your behalf.