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Finding your dream wedding cake is not always a cakewalk. As one of the main centrepieces of your wedding, it’s important to find the right one that matches your theme and tastes. Equally important is that your cake creates the right impression and fond memories.

The choices of wedding cakes in London are huge and in the depths of the World Wide Web lies an expansive collection of unique styles ranging across the quality spectrum to sieve through. From relatively simple and standard supermarket cakes to inexplicable intricate designs by the UK's talented cake designers; and from the not-so-tasty fondant cake to the mouth-watering light and airy buttercream cake, the choices can become overwhelming.

Anges de Sucre Wedding Cakes aim to standout of the crowd, the terrifically talented head honcho has carved out a niche with her extraordinary designs. From the fun filled sushi cake - bonkers – to the elegant and extremely charming Birdcage buttercream wedding cake you will find a unique collection of cakes. To help you on your journey we've rounded up ten of our most liked wedding cakes based on social media likes and our customer's best choices. 

Top 10 London Wedding Cakes


1. The Birdcage Buttercream Wedding Cake

Birdcage Wedding Cake | London

This has to be prettiest Birdcage Wedding Cake ever! Made with fluffy layers of vanilla sponge, so light you will burn calories eating it (well...not really, but it's your wedding day so if there's ANY day you're not counting the kcals it should be that day).

A dreamy sky-blue watercolour frosting finish with super silky buttercream shimmers around its layers creating a backdrop for heavenly swirls.  Amongst the swirls sit blossoms and hydrangeas, each one individually made. Meanwhile hand-made love-birds sit contently just outside their gold gilded palatial birdcage. What more could a bride want? View and order here - from £250.

2. Unicorn Croquembouche Wedding Cake

Unicorn Croquembouche Wedding Cake | London

The cake that broke the internet. The media went nuts for this and Delish even made a video of it! This towering feast of a croquembouche is created using CAKE! Layers of chocolate and vanilla sponge, frosted and glazed, form the tower while our signature Swiss meringue buttercream and chocolate glaze finish it off - simply moreish. Covering the tower is a decadent mix of desserts: glazed choux buns and eclairs, baked buttermilk doughnuts, assorted macarons, Ferrero Rocher and "soft-serve" buttercream cones, piped buttercream flowers, chocolate pearls and candied popcorn with subtle silver lustre and sparkle. 

Basically, every major dessert group all carefully brought together into one epic cake. 

The Horn of the Unicorn Croquembouche is a centrepiece by its very definition. If you are looking for an extraordinary cake to wow your wedding guests at your London wedding venue, this is the cake for the job. View and order here  - from £825.

3. Alice in Wonderland Wedding Cake

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Cake | Top Wedding Cakes London

Inspired by the much-loved classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll this charming cake transports you though the rabbit's hole into a fantasy world filled with hand crafted decorations and the sublime taste of red velvet and Belgian Chocolate. If you are an Alice in Wonderland aficionado, this is the wedding cake for you.  

The character imagery from Alice’s Adventures make up the decorations of this whimsical cake. The colours of Alice’s frock have been used for the Swiss meringue buttercream frosting; tiny white chocolate toadstools pop out around the various layers; a golden Mad Hatters Chocolate teapot stands proudly at the top; glorious salted caramel tea swills out of mini chocolate cups; and miniature Queen of Heart’s fondant playing cards are spotted on your journey around the cake as well as red and white buttercream roses and macarons. Finally, a Belgian chocolate ganache drip glaze rolls down the triple layers of Red Velvet sponge to create this stylish and contemporary Alice in Wonderland Wedding Cake.  View and order here - from £180

4. Pink Sweetheart Cake

Pink Sweetheart Wedding Cake | Top Wedding Cakes London

Pink cake anybody? There’s no doubting it, for some brides a wedding without a wedding cake in the classic colour of love, isn’t a wedding at all. People love this cake with its pink and off-white stripes striking a subtle contrast from afar. Our decadent Belgian Chocolate Glaze smoothly trickles down the cake while baked buttermilk doughnuts, macarons, chocolate pearls, candied popcorn and beautiful buttercream flowers merrily bring the cake to life.

This wedding cake is beautiful, fun yet elegant, tastes incredible and represents a modern take on a pink wedding cake, perfect for the pink lovers amongst us. 

5. Midsummer Macarons and Roses Wedding Cake

Midsummer Macaron and Roses Wedding Cake | Top Wedding Cakes London

A summertime wedding with the sun shining brings great bursts of flowers as life starts over again. With conviction, this Midsummer Macaron and Roses wedding cake brings the spirit of summer to your wedding – even if it’s the middle of a dreary London winter!   

Sweet and romantic, this cake subtly uses floral colours, delicately piped roses and chic macarons to bring that feeling of summertime happiness to your big day. The fluffy cake’s sponges are sandwiched between silkily smooth vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream stylishly contrasted with a pink glaze ganache drip. And if vanilla isn't your thing, you can customise the cake to your heart's content.   

With endless options to customise the cake, it is truly a versatile cake that can suit any theme. View and order here - from £140

6. Pink Watercolour Wedding Cake

Pink Watercolour Wedding Cake with Macarons | Top Wedding Cakes London

This wedding watercolour cake takes on the beauty and uniqueness of watercolour – tonal colours that almost appear to glow with a brighter cascade of piped fuchsia swirls for a delicious contrast. A delicately light aromatic Papua New Guinean vanilla flavours the sponge, while a rich and golden salted caramel ganache drips from above and to finish it off, golden chocolate pearls bring an air of refinement and sophistication.   

Both glamorous and sophisticated this Pink Watercolour Cascade Wedding Cake has found its way into the weddings of the jet-set London pack and amongst the rolling hills of the English countryside. View and order here - from £140

7. Purple Royale Cream Cascade Cake

Purple Royale Cream Cascade Wedding Cake | Top Wedding Cakes London

This cake is at home in a glamourous ballroom or a groovy barn with its opulent and trendy flair. A cream cascade of ivory flourishes gradually climbs the cake, moreish tiny golden chocolate pearls party on the purple ombre tiers smothered in real gold leaf providing some wedding extravagance.

The purple tones combine the calmness of blue and the energy of red to bring connotations of nobility, luxury and grandeur - oh-so-regal. Velvety and vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream swirls around the cake in a cascading pattern on layers of fluffy vanilla sponge, frosted in purple ombre buttercream adorned with white chocolate pearls.

Positively one of our all-time favourite wedding cakes. View and order it here - from £110

8. Rustic Chic Macaron and Roses Wedding Cake

Rustic Chic Wedding Cake with Roses | Top Wedding Cakes London

This confidently vintage wedding cake meets all the criterion for a modern or rustic wedding with its chic macarons, romantic buttercream roses and fun and frivolous popcorn cascade.

It may well be a semi-naked cake but it is anything but naked, covered in handmade decorations from top to toe. Chic macarons tumbling down from the top of the cake where they are greeted by a bouquet of dreamy buttercream roses. Dainty chocolate pearls waltz around the cake playfully while a cascade of popcorn populates the cakes ranks. Behind the decorations lies a Swiss meringue buttercream and lofty light layers of sponge, all the while a glossy Belgian Chocolate ganache drips gently down from the top tier to the bottom tier.  View or order here - from £140

9. Ivory Wedding Cake

Ivory Wedding Cake | Top Wedding Cakes London

Whirling, swirling and twirling, this contemporary take on a classic Ivory Wedding Cake redefines an old age classic.

All-encompassing smooth vanilla meringue buttercream flows in natural ivory around feathery vanilla sponge layers, twisting and turning to form a grandiose floral flourish. Delicate white chocolate pearls can be found inconspicuously studded amongst the flowers. As the floral flourishes build in momentum and peacefully blossom into an endless bouquet, you can feel this cake gently exhuming its elegance and grace.

While this cake may look too pretty to eat, you would be missing out if you didn’t indulge in a big fat slice of mouth-watering goodness. Customise to meet your tastes and to make sure it’s your prefect London wedding cake.  View and order here - from £110

10. Sushi Wedding Cake

Sushi Wedding Cake | Top Wedding Cakes London


If you're looking for a wedding cake that is out there, this is it. Made for the sushi-loving couple who can’t live without wasabi!

This cake shouldn’t be taken too seriously and it’s so beautiful and fun, you'll be beaming seeing the smiles of your guests – and possibly a few scratching their heads. Each tier is made up of a mighty triple layer cake frosted in a dreamy blue vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream. Over the top, an opaque white chocolate ganache has perfectly dripped down. Decorated in abundance with wafer fans, Rice Krispie vegetarian-marshmallow treats, fondant sushi rolls, bowls of chocolate “soy sauce”, fondant matcha-green-tea flavoured “wasabi” dollops and chocolate covered biscuit chop sticks...and breathe.

Available in assorted sizes, perfect for an urban Japanese or oriental themed wedding of any size. Personalisation's and customisations are available upon request. View and order here - from £180   

That’s all folks. We hope we have presented some interesting options and helped you move at least one step forward in your journey to finding your perfect London Wedding Cake. Get in touch if you need any help. 


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