What if I don’t want a wedding cake?

Planning a wedding is not just about organising an awesome party for your favourite people (oh and marrying your love- obvs), it’s also a time when you’re forced to form an opinion on all sorts of random things. Like the question of chair covers. What are they? Do I need them? Do I like them? Will my mum be disproportionately upset if I don’t have them? Why have I spent a weekend researching chair covers? And other such important questions...

Royal Cream Cascade wedding cake by Anges
Royal Cream Cascade wedding cake by Anges


The good AND the bad news is that these days it really is up to you to choose what you want to include in your smorgasbord of wedding traditions.

This is bad news if you just want an easy life with a pre-packaged wedding day, because you really can’t get away without personalising the details any more! But it’s great news if you want to embrace a ‘that’s so us’ wedding day.

So what happens when it looks like the wedding cake just ain’t going to make the cut?

As purveyors of seriously cool and contemporary wedding cakes, we are a bit biased on the subject. I personally think the cake is an amazing opportunity to create a design feature in your venue, get the guests drooling AND it provides a welcome pick me up during a long day. That is if it is done right.

Vegan Fat Unicorns Wedding Cake

A wedding cake that looks cool AND tastes delicious AND IS VEGAN? That’s the Vegan Fat Unicorns Wedding Cake by Anges! No-one to date has guessed it's vegan, can you believe it!

In my experience, there are a few common reasons for not wanting a wedding cake. So if you find yourself pondering the unthinkable, ask yourself these questions:

Is it because all the wedding cake you’ve had before has been gross?

We’ve all been there. After a skinful of champagne, you’re left holding a dry wedge of cake covered in a hard, cloyingly sweet icing, before it’s shoved into your bag to be squashed in the back of a taxi. Your problem isn’t wedding cake in general, it’s BAD cake and not all wedding cakes have to be like this. Find a baker who makes delicious cake in your favourite flavours and it will become one of the highlights of your wedding’s gastronomic experience.

Unicorn Croquembouche Wedding Cake

Unicorn Croquembouche wedding cake by Anges

Is it because you think no one ever eats wedding cake anyway?

Case in point above. If your cake is a cheap afterthought or badly made, of course no one will want to eat it. So if you’re going to do it, commit to it and make sure it’s damn tasty. And if you don’t time the serving of the cake right and make a big deal out of it, your guests won’t know to make a beeline for it. I’ve been to several weddings where the sad cake was quietly cut and hidden on platters at the back of the room- no one even knew it had been served up. It was only as I wistfully wished for a slice of cake to perk me up at midnight that someone told me there had been trays of the stuff all along...

Is it because you don’t like cake in general?

If this is true, then maybe you should have a browse of our cakes (they’re not like boring conventional cakes) and prepare to be won over… but if you are one of those strange individuals that genuinely doesn’t like cake, I totally get why a wedding cake is first on the tradition list to get the heave-ho. But seriously, is this dislike down to bad cake experiences? Or do you find it too sweet? In both cases, a good baker can often surprise you with flavours that aren’t super sweet, just super delicious. Another option is to have a dessert table, where you can choose other treats such as doughnuts, macarons, marshmallows etc to make an en masse display. We also make beautiful macaron towers if you’re looking for a bit of height. And lastly, just because you don’t like cake doesn’t mean you should deprive your guests of it!!

Macaroon Tower Cake

Macaron Tower by Anges

Is it because it’s expensive?

Yes a wedding cake is expensive. And that’s not because bakers are trying to rip you off because it’s a wedding, it’s because it’s a big ‘ol cake that takes a lot of skill and a lot of top notch ingredients. Honestly, have you seen the carnage when they get the contestants on the Great British Bake Off to make a tiered wedding cake?! If you’re looking for reasons that justify the cost, try serving the cake as your dessert or package up slices as your wedding favours. And if you’ve got a boring corner in your wedding venue, make an eye catching display out of your wedding cake = picture perfect wedding décor that’s ALSO edible!

Is it because you’re having a small wedding?

This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the best bits of a larger wedding, you just might want to scale things down. So instead of a towering 5 tier confection, why not go for a petite masterpiece that can double up as a table centrepiece during the wedding reception? Or if you fancy a few tiers for that authentic wedding cake vibe, make it your dessert too, which is also a cost effective tactic as mentioned above.


If I haven’t convinced you, check out our delightful and delicious wedding cakes, and prepare to promote your wedding cake to number one priority. If you fancy an alternative wedding cake, you’ll love our colourful macaron towers and dessert tables. Get in touch to order today.


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