Make Your Own Showstopping Celebration Cake for Less Than £10

How to create an amazing celebration cake on a budget – recipes by the experts (us!)

Here are Anges de Sucre, we are not just home to amazing high-end cakes (although yes, we do those). We are also home to ideas for budget-friendly cake creations – all available from the supermarket and all under £10. We call these fake bakes. And we have rules…

Fake Bake Rules

The rules of fake bakes are that all fake bakes have to:

  • Cost under £10
  • All come from one supermarket
  • Not require an oven or mixer to make them

These low-cost cakes have a bit of a following, and we’ve even been in The Sun.

Cakes for under £10? You better believe it!

We know what you’re thinking. How is it possible to make an amazing birthday cake with no oven for less than £10. Well, we totally believe that everyone should have an amazing celebration cake, even if the cost of living crisis is biting. Heating an oven, ingredients, running a mixer – it’s all pretty expensive stuff. That’s why we want to shout from the roof tops about our Fake Bakes. There’s something for everyone, whatever kind of cake you like. And they look seriously tempting too – drip cakes, tiers, glitzy decorations.

Our Favourite Budget Celebration Cake Recipes – aka Fake Bakes

Tesco PBJ Cake

A flavour favourite, this peanut butter and jam cake is bright, fun and absolutely delicious. We’re talking about jammy dodger biscuits, Kit Kat Chunky peanut butter and raspberry vanilla sponge. And then, look at that CUTE cake sandwich! I mean, it’s outrageously good and it totally popped off when we first posted it.


Aldi Mint Chocolate Chip Cake

Mint chocolate chip is such a nostalgic taste, and our Anges de Sucre version sells so well. So we were keen to “Aldi it up” a bit and create a £10 Aldi Mint Chocolate Chip cake. We’re talking fudgy chocolate frosting, Aero bubbles, chocolate muffins and a rich chocolate cake. I'm going to have to say it...this fake bake is FIT.


Sainsbury’s Chocolate Orange Cake

Sainsbo’s chocolate orange icing is a wonder. It’s zesty and rich, and as good a ready-made icing as you can buy. This inspired my Sainsbury’s chocolate orange fake bake. As well as the rich icing, there’s a chocolate drip, Matchmakers, Terry’s (natch) and Jaffa Cakes. All for under £10!


No one would ever guess this was all from a supermarket and didn’t require switching on the oven! Have a browse of all our fake bake recipes here. Let us know which are your faves. And we’d love to hear of any you’d like to see us try next. Whether its a Fake Bake, Wedding or even an engagement cake, we’re always up for a challenge!

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