60th Birthday Cakes

Get your favourite, customised 60th birthday cake delivered across London, Surrey, and Berkshire

A sixtieth birthday celebration is a big deal across various cultures. It usually marks the beginning of seniority. However, in recent years people are swinging well into their sixties, working or living life to their fullest in great health.

Such a major milestone, often called the diamond birthday, NEEDS to be celebrated. Not just because you can now travel for free on the London tube with your 60+ Oyster card…but because your friends and family want to celebrate all your achievements - be it an amazing career, a beautiful family, or going through personal hardships that life throws at you from time to time. And there isn’t anything quite like a stunning cake that helps make the occasion memorable.

Our 60th birthday cakes taste delicious. Made from the best and finest ingredients such as Callebaut chocolate, Belgian cocoa, Madagascan vanilla and pure British dairy butter, our cakes are guaranteed to impress even the keenest cake snobs. Our Windsor cake is the right amount of sophistication for the sassy sixty-year-old. The Monet Antoinette cake, with our beautiful macarons and hand-piped flowers, would also fit into any fancy gathering. But our updated take on the classic Black Forest cake is our most popular choice for a 60th birthday cake.

Our signature Swiss meringue buttercream is famed for being smooth, silky, perfectly balanced and never too sweet. But it’s not just the taste that will make our cakes stand out and make their mark. We pay particular attention to the design and aesthetics turning each of our hand-made cakes into individual works of art. Our cakes are guaranteed to create audible gasps of joy and make lasting memories through beautiful photos of the occasion.

Don’t worry, you don’t need an Oyster card to travel for our cakes. We deliver them safely to your home or venue of choice with our experienced in-house cake delivery drivers all across London, Surrey and Berkshire.