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Recommended Celebration Venues in Richmond

Rowbuck View - Birthday Venue in Richmond

Welcome to Richmond, a hidden gem in London (sometimes mistaken for Surrey), where we've uncovered the sweetest spots to celebrate your special day, be it a birthday or wedding. Forget the typical tourist traps; we've curated a list of handpicked eateries and charming gastro pubs that will make your celebrations memorable. From surprising Italian delights at Al Boccon di Vino to panoramic river views at The Gate, Richmond has it all. Join us as we guide you through the top venues for indulging in delicious celebration cakes and creating cherished memories. For hassle-free cake delivery straight to your celebration, check out our Cake Delivery in Richmond service.


Richmond Birthday Venues


Richmond is a popular tourist destination in London (sometimes also referred to as being in Surrey) but free of the typical tourist traps. We’ve hand-picked the best of the best here. And nope, none of these places have paid us to write nice stuff about them. They’re simply good and we love delivering our cakes there.


Recommended Restaurants

The dining-out scene in Richmond is good - you have the usual suspects in the form of chains such as Ivy Cafe, Cote etc, but you also have fantastic independent restaurants that are so popular you have to book well in advance.

Al Boccon di Vino

This is the most charming Italian restaurant you’ll ever visit. It’s small and cosy, perfect for date nights with someone special, or for groups. It can get boisterous, but not in an obnoxious way. The food is surprising here. It’s not your usual pizza-pasta. And there is NO MENU. The restaurant has a set menu, depending on what’s in season, and it’s a surprise course after surprise course after surprise course (we’ve lost count of how many courses) of delightful Italian cuisine. Prepare to spend the whole evening here. You’ll lose track of time from all the fun you’re having getting stuffed without having to think.

Al Boccon di vino Richmond

Richmond Party  - Al Boccon di vino

Al Boccon di vino - Richmond Birthday

Al Boccon di vino Richmond Party's


A good and solid Italian offering authentic wood-fired pizzas, pasta dishes and other favourites. I particularly love the aubergine parmigiana which can be ordered as a starter or a main. The outdoor covered and heated patio area is particularly nice. But overall, it’s a great restaurant choice for girls/mums dinner out and groups.

The Gate at Richmond Harbour Hotel

The bar and restaurant at the Richmond Harbour Hotel has a gorgeous outdoor area. Perfect for summer celebrations.

Petersham Nurseries

This extremely photogenic venue is a fancy garden centre-posh restaurant-casual tearoom all-in-one. It’s lush and brimming with greenery. The restaurant is called the Petersham Nurseries Cafe and is a beautiful space serving fine Italian cuisine. It’s ideal for intimate dates or family celebrations.


For a chain, this location can’t be beaten. Smack in front of the river. Hence, it’s the best Gaucho of all the Gauchos. Also, as it’s a chain, you get what you expect, which is the exact same everything as last time if you’re lucky.


Recommended Gastro Pubs

Richmond has a variety of old school wooden beam pubs, the smallest ever pub (the Victoria), and modern pubs. We’ve naming the best and what we like about them.

The Britannia

With three dining areas, this pub can cater for any style of gathering. The food is excellent British pub food, and the service is attentive and friendly. It is one of the most well run pubs in the area and celebrating any occasion here would go down well.

Britannia - Birthday Cake Venue

Birthday Party Britannia Richmond

Britannia - Richmond - Birthday

Party Venue, Richmond, Britannia

The Watermans Richmond

Formerly, a sticky floored drinking hole. It has since been taken over by the same management as the popular Britannia Pub and given a plush Parisian gastro-bistro make-over. The menu is predominantly seafood but they also have something for everybody (the steak tartare is especially good!). The cocktail list is concise and refined. Perfect for couples dining or groups. During the warmer months they also have a charming outdoor area, and it’s the ideal location to go for a sweet scenic walk along the river after.

Event Space at Watermans Arms, Richmond, London, UK

Birthday at Waterman Arns, Richmond, London, UK

The Roebuck

A pub with a view hard to beat. While it is a standard pub-grub type of venue, they DO cater for gluten-free too, and the view over Richmond Hill, known as Turner’s View, is spectacular. You can pop outside with your drink and drink in the views. The function room upstairs (were we had our son's Christening meal with a Peter Rabbit Cake) unfortunately got badly flooded and isn't expected to re-open until November 2023.

Roebuck Table 1 - Birthday Venue in Richmond
Table 1 (the one with the large pic on the wall of a cart and horse) provides a semi-private space. Table 14 is definitely the best table for glazing out the window at Turners View.


Roebuck Table 14 - Birthday Venue in Richmond, London

Tap Tavern

Craft beers. On tap. In a modern and neat setting with some outdoor seating available too. Service is always with a smile. Food menu is limited, but whatever they do is of a good standard.

The Marlborough

The large astro-turfed beer garden is fantastic in the summer.

The Victoria Sheen

A special mention should go to the Victoria pub in East Sheen. Whilst a bit set away from the heat of the action around George Street in Richmond, the pub is a fantastic choice for any celebration. It also has a playground to entertain little guests and the food is fabulous.


Recommended Wedding Venues


Richmond is one of the nicest areas to have a wedding. With lots of beautiful backdrops for those all-important photos - the river, the romantic winding lanes, the cobblestone streets and the terraced gardens, it also has some well-known wedding venues.

The Bingham

A modern hotel with panoramic views of the river from their terrace, this is one of the nicest boutique hotel wedding venues.

Pembroke Lodge

Set within the beautiful and expansive grounds of Richmond Park, Pembroke Lodge is a warm and inviting venue with period features.

Petersham Nurseries

We’ve already waxed lyrical about how beautiful this venue is in the restaurants section. They’re available to hire for weddings too.

The Petersham Hotel

Stunning from the outside and the inside, this hotel overlooks the Thames.


Venues for Children Parties & Cake in Richmond


Terraced Gardens

We’ve had many kids birthday picnics in the gorgeous Terraced Gardens. String up bunting on the trees, and lay down your blankets near the flower beds, the sweet Hollyhock cafe (which serves delightful plant-based food and drinks), or the covered podium and let the kids discover the secret tree-cave.

Terrace Gardens Birthday, Richmond, London, UK

Terrace Gardens, Rainshelter, Richmond, UK

Cafe and Toilets in Terrace Gardens, Richmond, London

My Gym

Kids soft play centre offers party packages. The best thing is they take care of everything - from food for the little ones, to the entertainment. All you have to do is bring the best cake - and you know where to get that from - Anges de Sucre.


Arrive Early? Things to Do

If you’ve arrived ahead of time, fret not. There’s plenty to browse around Richmond to kill time.

Richmond Green - Have a calming stroll along the green.

Riverside Promenade - Have another calming stroll along the river.

Coffee Shops - Pop in for a killer cup of caffeine at one of Richmond’s fabulous independent coffee shops. We’ll name our favourites - Bridge & Hill Stores, Kiss the Hippo and Coffeeology.

Hot Chocolate - If caffeine isn’t your thing, have a small hot chocolate from Knoops. You won’t regret it. I recommend the 70% blend.


Where to go for after dinner-drinks?

Nightlife isn’t a thing in Richmond per-se. The only late-night venue is Be-at-One and that’s really for when you really want to be out-out. However, Richmond has some very stylish and sexy cocktail bars that are open till 00:00-01:00.

So Bar

Fabulous cocktail bar with speakeasy vibes. Perfect for dates and groups. They have an upstairs lounge area available to hire too for private events.

Birthday Drinks at So Bar Richmond

Birthday Cake at So Bar Richmond

Dropkick Johnnys

Excellent whisky cocktails in the bar above the Tap Tavern. Ideal for small groups as it is a tight space. We've taken our cakes here quite a few times now and every time has been fab. 

Drop Kick Jonny - Richmond, London, UK

Event at Drop Kick Jonny;s - Richmond, London, UK


Swish seafood restaurant, from the same owners as Scotts Mayfair, J Sheekey, Caprice et all. Expect fancy white tablecloth service. Whilst it is a posh restaurant, they have a wonderful oyster bar for drinks with a fabulous view of the river, perfect for celebrations. 

Birthday at Scotts Richmond

Scotts Richmond

Table Talk - Fun Facts

I don’t know about you, but I’m always interested in knowing which celebrities are local to the area. And Richmond is FULL OF THEM. If you’re lucky enough, you might catch a glimpse of Tom Hardy and Sir David Attenborough eating some cake! If you’re not that lucky, you might see some influencers posing.

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