Gimme Gimme Gimme S'more

Anges de Sucre's brand new range of S’mores are our latest creation, following on from our popular foodie hybrid invention - Muffles marshmallow truffles. Traditionally an American campfire favourite, where allegedly its moniker came about when kids went 'Gimme S'more!' soon after devouring them, the Anges de Sucre range of S’mores has a little British eccentricity and is made with premium ingredients including the finest Belgian chocolate and organic vanilla pods...and lots of flair!


Each artisan hand-crafted gourmet S’more is lovingly made with own-recipe rye biscuits – taking inspiration from the iconic American Graham cracker and infused with cinnamon and acacia honey – hugging our super fluffy gourmet marshmallows and a thick, generous layer of smooth Belgian chocolate. The perfect marriage of varying textures, authentic flavours and a satiating savoury-sweet balance results in a delectable sweet treat or snack to be loved by kids and adults alike. 

Heart shaped S'mores

As each component is handmade by our chefs, they've invented a number of variations on the classic S’more. There are three different taste bud tantalising flavours available:

Golden Graham – a fluffy vanilla bean pod mallow, sandwiched in between two cinnamon-sugar rye biscuits and finished off with Belgian chocolate and smooth sea-salted caramel.

Triple Chocolate – cocoa rye biscuits with a delicious chocolate marshmallow, dark chocolate ganache and a sumptuous layer of sea-salted caramel.

PB – A nod to the other side of the pond, the PB is the ultimate American dream with organic peanut butter and Belgian chocolate dripping from a vanilla pod marshmallow, held together by two cinnamon-sugar rye biscuits.

Gourmet S'mores

Our gourmet S'mores are available loose in-store at the Kensington sweet shop, or can be ordered online in assortments of three for UK-wide delivery, or in larger quantities for weddings and events.


See you soon for S'more! xoxo 

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September 18, 2017

I don’t know what looks prettier: the S’more or the packaging!

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