Woohoo! Can you imagine the utter delight I felt when I saw that we were picked as one of London's Best Bakeries by Vogue Magazine? If you can't imagine it, then let me tell you I was abso-flippin-lutely pee-my-pants over-the-moon insane ecstatic delighted. And no I wasn't very cool about it because I am not very cool in general so everyone and their nan heard about it from me for days on end.


I don't think I can ever take such honours for granted - whether it's the great feedback from our customers, kind comments of followers or recognition from press and media. The realisation that something I imagine and create with my tiny and talented team gets appreciated by others and we are spreading some joy in cake-form no matter the occasion from weddings, birthdays, baby showers, the lot, and this is what we get to call our work, it really is the stuff of my dreams. 

This accolade could not have come at a better time. I've been feeling out of my own skin as of late - with baby Bennett's arrival creeping up on us soonish I have suddenly started feeling a bit like a "lesser" version of myself. I didn't quite appreciate how much my body and mind would be changing and affecting my everyday and have been struggling coming to terms with being slower, bigger, heavier, sometimes stupider. Apparently, I've found "baby brain" is a thing! 12 hour days on my feet were a non-issue before however now they leave me crippled with my feet and ankles swelling up looking like large logs of salami.



My friends and family have been so amazing and supportive, and despite them telling me this is normal and as expected, and my team steering the Anges ship brilliantly, it really did wonders for my spirits by being recognised for our work in such a BIGLY way by such a massive media titan, Vogue Magazine!


Does my bum(p) look big in this?? ūüėĚ

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So I'm finally listening to everyone else and my body. I'm taking it easier, putting my trotters up more and appreciating the fact that while Anges is my first "baby", I've got a very different baby coming along very soon that's going to stir shizz up in a massive way so I better get ready for many more changes! And also get designing those epic kiddy cakes I'm going to have to be making soon ;)

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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July 14, 2017

Ah such a heart felt post. I felt I had to give you some support! Just take one day at a time and maybe try some visualisation and yoga to try and ground you a little. It is very daunting and trust me the baby brain doesn’t go away. I’ve got two and I seriously wonder what’s happened to my once sharp brain!!
You are doing a fab job and each day is a journey! Take care ?

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