Traditional Mother's Day Gifts

Hi everybody! Last week I talked about the historical origins of Mother's Day, and touched a little bit on Mothering Sunday. Today I'm going to go a bit more in depth about the holiday, but first – amazing news! Anges de Sucre has been featured in a magazine, Psychologies, with one of my favourite moms (besides my own of course!), the incomparable Cate Blanchett! Double Dip Macarons
I wonder if Queen Cate likes macarons...I think I'd definitely lose my cool if one day she was ever in Kensington and wandered into our little sweet shop...

Where was I again? Right. Mothering Sunday. To recap: not the same thing as Mother's Day, which officially began as an American celebration in the early 20th century. Mothering Sunday on the other hand is a Christian holiday, occurring on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

Back in ye olden days, English churchgoers went to their 'daughter' church to worship, or rather, the parish nearest to where they lived. However once a year on Mothering Sunday they would visit the 'mother' church, or the largest church or cathedral in the area.

Most historians think that this occasion became an opportunity for families to get together again for a day, and so children working away from home would have they day off to see their mothers and families!

According to the BBC: "As they walked along the country lanes, children would pick wild flowers or violets to take to church or give to their mother as a small gift."

This is how the tradition of giving mothers flowers as gifts on Mothering Sunday began! If you would like to treat your mum to a special hand-tied boutique but don't trust your own flower arranging skills, leave it to the experts at Blue Sky Flowers and buy a gift here, or better yet, treat both of yourselves to a floral arrangement workshop at the New Covent Garden Market with aforementioned experts Blue Sky Flowers.
Mother's Day Bouquet
Another traditional food is simnel cake, which Sweet Sneaks has a tasty post about here!

Speaking of cake, we've got some amazing new cakecakey treats here at Anges de Sucre in a variety of flavours: Speculoos Biscoff cookie, Nutella & hazelnut, banana & salted caramel, and piscacio-raspberry! Cupcakes not your thing? We've still got our classic macarons, with the favourite Amalfi Citron back in stock, or make like Queen Cate and Psychologies and make a beeline for the incredible Double Dip Macarons!

Nuts-about-Ella macarons

Get em before they're gone!

Viking Two

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