The Best and Worst Mothers of all Time

Mother’s Day is here! It’s time to celebrate all mums around the world, good and bad. Read on to discover women from the sweetest souls to the most frightening of mums.

The Best Mothers

Best Mother No. 1: Mother Teresa 

Best Mothers So the first mother on our list, as a nun, is actually childless! However, this inspirational woman fully earns the title. This Roman Catholic religious sister and missionary dedicated her life to charity and helping others – her foundation facilitates hospices and homes for HIV/AIDS, leprosy and tuberculosis patients, orphanages and schools in many countries today. One of her most admirable moments occurred during the siege of Beirut when she engineered a ceasefire between armed Israeli military and Palestinian guerrillas, in order to save 37 children trapped in a burning hospital. Mother Teresa personally made the journey through war zones to bring them to safety. Her achievements just go to show that it is not only mothers who deserve recognition – maybe spare a thought for any other mother figure in your life and get her a thoughtful gift on Mothers Day.


 Best Mother No. 2 Angela Cavallo

Best Mother's This woman is the embodiment of a real-life superhero, who can show us all the true power of a mother’s love. In 1982, she came to her son’s rescue when he was fixing his car – the jack collapsed whilst he was working, and the car pinned him underneath rendering him unconscious. Without a second thought, Angela, who at the time was in her late 50’s and already a grandmother, reached down and lifted the car off her son until a neighbour was able to pull him to safety. Surely, this feat of superhuman strength would only possible when fuelled by her love for her son – and is especially astounding considering that the car weighed more than 1500kg!


Best Mother No. 3 Harp Seals

Best Mother No.3 Not only do harp seals have to raise their offspring in a hostile environment – icy cold and surrounded by ferocious polar bears, but these cute animals make the ultimate sacrifice for their young. When harp seal pups are first born, their mother will nurse them continuously for 12 days without eating! While the harp seal babies will gain 5lbs a day, harp seal mums will lose approximately 7lbs a day during this period! Now, that’s what I call dedication. Harp seals can also distinguish their own children from hundreds merely by using her keen sense of smell.

The Worst Mothers

Worst Mother No. 1: Mother Gothel, Tangled

Worst Mother No.1 This woman is the embodiment of the evil stepmother, and it doesn't take much to make you want to stay locked away in your room in fear of your mother’s wrath. First, is she a real mother? Debatable, because Rapunzel isn’t her biological daughter -  Mother Gothel kidnaps her from the kingdom for her magical powers when she is just a baby, and raises her as her own. Of course, Rapunzel grows up to love her ‘mother’, despite the fact that she is never allowed to step outside, kept from seeing anyone and brainwashed into thinking “Mother Knows Best”.

Worst Mother No. 2: The Cuckoo

Worst Mother No.2The Cuckoo mother is famous for being the animal kingdom’s worst mother. From the start, she doesn’t even want children. From the start, she lays her eggs into another bird’s nest by knocking over an egg and placing her own, all in the span of ten seconds. She lets a bird stranger sit on her eggs until hatching, and unfortunately for the real broods, cuckoo eggs hatch much faster than any other. Growing up faster too, the cuckoo chick therefore forces the real broods out of their nest to die.

Worst Mother No.3: Mommie Dearest aka Joan Crawford

 Worst Mother No.3Based off the memoir of Christina Crawford, Mommie Dearest is unfortunately a real mother. Although Joan Crawford looks like a picture-perfect mum from the outside, the American Oscar-winning actress was actually known for the abuse of her adoptive daughter. “I’m going to make a perfect life for you. Give you all the things I never had,” crooned Joan Crawford - however it wasn’t long until she was beating Christina with coat hangers, slamming her against floors and grabbing her by the throat. Joan’s battle with alcoholism, hopeless love life and fading career (and looks) is what led to her abusive and cruel behaviour, and Christina even said that she stopped believing very young that her mother loved her. To top off everything, upon her death Joan left Christina precisely nothing in her will.

So there you have it, our top Best vs. Worst mums this Mother’s Day. Don’t forget that if your mum fits into our top three Best, Mother's is the day to stop by Anges de Sucre to treat her to one of our Mother Day Cakes

We’ll be waiting for you!

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