The Perfect Birthday Cake at the Soho Hotel

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Soho Hotel has always been one of my favourite hotels in London. It's cute, quirky, has really great cocktails (I may have had one too many Soho Sensations at BFF's bridal shower) and also an amazing afternoon tea spread with fabulous warm scones. What it also has, that one really cannot take for granted in London anymore, is AMAZING STAFF! 

Birthday Cake London Soho Hotel

On some super busy days I take on doing some birthday cake deliveries myself. While doing so I've found a WHOLE NEW level of respect and sympathy for delivery drivers - it's a freakin' hard job. Long days stuck in traffic, cramped conditions, no easy access to loos or water, always on the look-out for parking attendants, immense time pressure, while having your heart in your mouth when driving super fragile parcels...and having experienced all of that it really doesn't cost much for the recipient, whoever it may be, to just smile with maybe a little thank you. It goes a long LONG way to show the delivery driver a modicum of appreciation. Most drivers do the same route and may be delivering to the same addresses on a regular basis. If you're nice, they'll be incentivised to look after your parcels better. If you're a turd smuggler, then much like service staff being treated like dirt, delivery drivers may not be motivated to give you the best service they can.

Damaged Cake

This is what can happen when precious cake isn't looked after on the journey...sadly this was handled by a customer's friend on behalf of them.

So having been treated like a third class citizen myself by some unclassy and inconsiderate reception and restaurant staff while on birthday cake delivery runs I can really appreciate when staff are nice and helpful, so much so that I want to find an excuse to deliver to them over and over again. Like at the Soho Hotel. Other than genuine politeness and professionalism...I got BANTER. Banter people! London is SO freakin' glum at times that banter is always welcome and the concierge and staff at Soho Hotel dished it out in trumps. Perhaps it may have helped that I was delivering an LSD birthday cake with a reputation that preceeded itself but either way I can't wait to go back to Soho Hotel...for drinks AND deliveries.

Cheers guys! And a very Happy FestiPhil!


Reshmi xoxo 

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