Macdreamy Salted Caramel Birthday Cake in Ealing

One of our most popular cakes, and with good reason, is the good ol' Nuddy Muddy MacDreamy salted caramel cake. It's mostly popular for birthdays but we have actually made a glorious 4-tiered version for a wedding recently too, all the way out in Gloucester!

Salted Caramel Wedding Cake, Ealing, London

I was never into caramel until my tastebuds met Salted Caramel. It happened while I was training as a chef in Paris and popped into a glitzy patisserie and got lured into the addictive world of sea-salted caramel macarons. O-M-G. It's the salt, totally the salt. Caramel was okay, but SALTED caramel is what makes it akin to crack-cocaine in its addictive, moreish flavour where you can't just have a taste, you could literally lap up a whole bucket. Sweet-and-savoury perfection in confection, stuff dreams are made of.

Salted Caramel Drip Cake


The flavour had actually gained culinary cult status almost a decade ago. It had long been used in French cuisine - in fact, the French hadn't been averse to use salt with chocolate long before the rest of us thought it was so "haute cuisine" and rad to spike choccie with salt. Salt has long been a key seasoning ingredient used in almost everything to aid bring the other flavour profiles to life. But it was only till Salted Caramel made waves State-side with the mainstream catching on, eg: Haagen Dazs and Starbucks releasing salted caramel ice creams and lattes, that did it gain a firm foothold in food trends forever since. 

Ghetto-Riche Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

So it's no surprise really that our Nuddy Muddy Macdreamy cake, one of our earlier cake designs, is still one of our most popular. I, for one, love a cheeky teaspoon of the glossy gloopy sea salted ganache when we make it - tasting obligations obvs.

The Macdreamy birthday cake combines salted caramel drip with chocolate sponge layers and salted caramel Swiss meringue buttercream, decorated with macarons, Rolos and popcorn. It is a taste and texture riot.

This two-tiered version for Ben's birthday in Ealing makes my heart so skippy!

Salted Caramel Birthday Cake Ealing

So be like Ben and order online here, or pop into Selfridges to pick one up from their counter.

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo 

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