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How We Bake: Unveiling the Secrets Behind Our Unique Cake Inspirations

[Updated 20/11/2023) I often get asked about the inspiration behind our cakes. It's not just one source; it's a mix of everything—from nature and travel to trends and the vibrant world of Instagram.

Inspired by Nature

Despite my nature-related setbacks (hello allergies and creepy crawlies), flowers are a universal love. Here's what I've discovered:

1) Real Flowers - Classic wedding cakes adore them, and they're perfect for elevating simpler cakes or macaron towers!

Macaron Cake with Flowers

2) Sugar Flowers - As much as I enjoyed making them, the patience needed is beyond my reach. Plus, our customers prefer not to break the bank for these intricate delights.

Handmade Sugar Flowers

3) Edible flowers - Pretty but not much in terms of taste. We skip them for practical reasons, but they sure make fancy ice cubes!

Floral Cocktails

4) Buttercream flowers - Now, this is my kind of flower! Delicious Swiss meringue buttercream blooms that taste as good as they look.

Floral Cupcakes

Inspired by Travel

Being self-employed limits my travels, but I love infusing foreign flavors like Matcha or spices such as cardamom with pistachios. Fun and nostalgia rule with cakes like Faux Fried Chicken n Waffle "Soul Food" and Dim Sum.

Dim Sum Cake

Chicken n Waffle Cake

Inspired by Trends

Trends come and go, but some, like the drip cake trend, become timeless. It's like the cupcake or macaron—always around because, well, everyone loves food.

Matcha Cake

Inspired by Instagram

Instagram is a mixed bag of inspiration. It led me to the drip cake style through creators like Katharine Sabbath and Unbirthday Bakery. Our take may look similar, but it's a unique twist, as seen with our doughnut cakes.

Doughnut Cookie Monster Cake

At the core, inspiration is everywhere. It's about choosing to see it. And to keep it real, here's our first-ever drip cake.

Drip Cake

We've come a long way together...through the hard times and the good...

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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