8 Colorful Candy Cakes For Your Baby's Birthday

Birthdays for babies or kids are always special and unforgettable events. When planning an event, careful consideration must be given to decisions regarding the venue, the menu, and much more. It is critical to decide whether to choose custom or designer cakes, personalised cakes, or themed party cakes, inspired by the baby’s favourite flavours.

These cake ideas help you make your girl or boy's birthday party an event to remember with countless lifetime memories. Since babies are too young to express their opinions verbally, paying close attention to their actions, facial expressions, and how they interact with objects when choosing a cake for their birthdays is essential.

These 8 colorful candy cakes for your baby's birthday listed below will make it simple for you to select the ideal birthday cake:

1. Ellie the elephant party cake

Price: £200.00 GBP

Ellie the elephant party cake

A hand-modeled fondant elephant, bunting, and vibrant buttercream swirls and meringues are added to this super-fun kid's cake, which is frosted with purple Swiss meringue buttercream and has three layers of chocolate sponge.

Those with a huge fondness for elephants could request this cake for their baby shower or child's birthday! You can choose the ideal size, add a 20-character message in chocolate to this elephant dessert, and you're ready to go!

2. Meta rainbow cake

Price: £200.00 GBP

Meta rainbow cake

This amazing cake is made from several components of sugary goodness, featuring cupcakes and a scrumptious mini rainbow cake at its topmost layer. The base of the cake is then artfully crafted with layers of vivid-colored rainbow sponge cake, each one covered in delicious buttercream for a truly delightful creation. Our Meta Rainbow Cake will make any special occasion that much sweeter! Free delivery is available in London, Berkshire and Surrey.

3. Doughnut cookie monster cake

Price: GBP £85.00

Doughnut cookie monster cake

It is our most popular cake for cake-eating cheeky devils who enjoy doughnuts and Oreo cookies. Look at it yourself to see why! To ensure availability, place your order ahead of time. There are chunks and chunks of Cookies & Cream chocolate shards, Oreo cookie crumble, and our baked buttermilk doughnuts. The absolute best cake to celebrate with!

4. Pastel pixie rainbow cake

Price: £130.00 GBP

Pastel pixie rainbow cake


This rainbow pastel cake would epitomise a dessert that is too beautiful to eat. It truly does taste as good as it looks, though, so not eating it would also be a disgrace. To ensure availability, place your order ahead of time. Sprinkles, chocolate biscuit sticks, pastel macarons, colored chocolate shards, and buttercream swirls are used as delicious decorations.

There are two freshly baked vanilla cake layers. Completely timeless, finished with our distinctive Belgian chocolate drip glaze and frosted in the sweetest pastel rainbow colors, it makes a must have for kids!

5. Mermaid skirt - tiddly two-tiered cake

Price: £100.00 GBP

Mermaid skirt - tiddly two-tiered cake

This two-tiered mermaid-themed cake would be the perfect choice for a baby's birthday! It provides an eye-catching display with its gradient of mermaid colors, making it ideal for baby girls celebrating their big day. Not only is this cake an amazingly creative work of art, but its portable size is perfect for a baby's birthday who wants to make it special. With this mermaid-inspired cake, you can create a delightful and memorable experience for your baby!

6. Confetti - tiddly three-tiered cake

Price: £250.00 GBP

Confetti - tiddly three-tiered cake

We are excited to present what we believe takes the crown for cuteness, the three-tiered cake. This delightful confection will surely be a showstopper at baby's birthdays and celebrations. The tiers stack neatly and look as if they were made in heaven – we can all agree that it blows regular cakes away! Those lucky enough to be based in London, Surrey, or Berkshire can take advantage of our online cake-ordering service and rest assured that their baby's birthday will go off with a bang and those delicious memories will stay on the menu for years to come.

7. Marcel the monkey cake

Price: £200.00 GBP

Marcel the monkey cake

A fantastic monkey cake made of chocolate and vanilla sponges, frosted with chocolate and peanut butter Swiss meringue buttercream, and drizzled with our exquisite Belgian chocolate ganache is available in honour of one of our favorite showbiz monkeys.

The cake is also adorned with hand-sculpted fondant bananas, peanut butter cups, toffee popcorn, and crushed peanuts in addition to those decorations, so obviously. This ideal birthday cake is for you if your baby has a monkey obsession!

8. Gaga-rainbow cake

Price: £130.00 GBP

Gaga-rainbow cake

This Gaga-Rainbow cake is so loud and proud that it will make everyone go GOO-GOO-GAGA! Order this rainbow cake online for delivery to London, Surrey, or Berkshire. We are ardent Gaga supporters. Therefore, we're not even embarrassed to admit it. And we'll proudly admit that our GAGA-Rainbow Cake makes us absolutely googly-eyed gaga! It is loaded with multicolored donuts and sprinkles, which attract babies.

Candy cakes are ideal for your baby's birthday

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