Marshmallows Part 1: The Ultimate Signature Collection

There's going to be a burst of these kinds of braggy posts. #cantstop. #wontstop. With our range getting bigger and better I really can't keep it all in at the risk of combusting internally.
We're preparing our launch of our Signature Collection of marshmallows and we've been so busy with all aspects - recipe testing, ingredient sourcing, packaging designing, bigger BRIGHTER kitchen moving (more on that later!) and of course, photo shoot planning and styling. Heard the saying, 'Behind every great launch there's a great image'? No? Well, you just did (yeah, I may have made it up but feel free to quote and requote!).
  Handmade Marshmallows  
Handmade marshmallows. That's the real deal. Light as air, pillowy bouncy treats. And you know what's more? Virtually FAT FREE! How awesome is that? Yeah, calorie-shmalories are still about but I'm going to carry on waving the Fat-Free-flag and indulge my sweet tooth over and over again.
I was relieved to find out I'm not the only weirdo out there who loves ice cream in ice cold winter. I love scoffing it indoors - heating cranked up, J.Lo chick flick on, onesie-blankie. I love scoffing it outdoors - layered up, ear muffs, snug boots. Raspberry ripple is one of those childhood flavour winners and while ice cream in the winter might not float everyone's sundae-boat these marshmallows inspired by my kiddo-days in ice cream shops certainly would year-round. Made with fresh plump raspberries and topped with raspberry coulis swirls it's like WHOA-RASPBERRY-STARBURST goodness in the mouth.
Raspberry Ripple Marshmallows  
So there you have it - my inspiration behind the flavour and the styling. I'm all over the Kensington milk bottle in the background!
While Raspberry Ripple may not require an acquired taste, Sultan Ispahan might. Growing up in Kuwait, baklava and kanafah were ubiquitous. I'm particularly fond of both for their sweet, syrupy, chewy, crunchy nature. Rose water and pistachios are a classic combination in Middle Eastern cuisines and they do feature in both, baklava and kanafeh, recipes and while it's an unusual occurrence in the West I feel it is a flavour profile that, if not already loved, is well on its way to being a grower on the discerning Western palette. The Sultan Ispahan marshmallow is dainty, with a touch of floral rose (never perfumey!) and topped with crushed pistachios for a slight bite.
Rose Pistachio Marshmallows  
Back in the day, like WAY back in the day, the sultans of the Ottoman Empire would gift and bribe each other with nuts, and baklava, and big major political decisions were almost always made over tea and a game of cards allegedly. Jodie from Boutique Blooms and I recreated this fanciful scene in a more current setting. I gathered some blown glasses, and 'clinky' aluminium props such as trays and teapots, and Jodie sourced some paler-than-pale pink roses to match the marshmallow fluff. This beauty now reminds me of romantic, laid-back lazy afternoons at an Ortokoy side-street sheesha café in Istanbul.
Raspberry Ripple and Rose Pistachio Marshmallows  
Oh don't they just look so pretty together too!
These two, along with many other sumptuous flavours, will be available sooner than soon so keep watching this space.
Love, Reshmi xoxo

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