Top 5 Weird and/or Wonderful Hybrid Food Mash-Ups

Cronut, Duffin, Townie? Meet the Muffle aka Marshmallow Truffle, the latest food hybrid mash-up trend by Anges de Sucre

We launched our first series of the Original Super Muffles, aka Marshmallow Truffles last week and I am so pleased to report this - WE SOLD OUT on the first day, a MONDAY! As a completely new product, my own dream at that, inspired by my childhood faves - teacakes and truffles, and after a lot of time/testing/tears/tantrums/tweaking in the lab kitchen, to finally serve it and have customers seek it out (from as far as Walthamstow and Thailand) through just the power of word of mouth and social media is FREAKIN' INCREDIBLE! Having tested the product out on near and dear, staff and regulars, the feedback has always been overwhelmingly positive, however, there was that lingering trepidation - will customers think the same? YES!

Launching a new product, while exciting, carries considerable risk. Investment in research and development, trials, design, packaging, marketing - it all could be a total write-off if the product doesn't achieve a good reception from the customer, the ultimate decision maker. So after all this time mufflin', seeing the little bagged treats fly off the shelves and already gaining repeat purchases makes me smile ear-to-ear, while also making me appreciate other folks' efforts on their new and innovative creations.


With a whole new respect for cool and kooky food mash-ups launched in recent years, here is a compilation of my Top 5 Weird and/or Wonderful Hybrid Food Trends:


Number 5: Ramen Burger

Burger patties sandwiched in between two discs of deep fried ramen noodles. Sounds weird but with incredible potential to be absolutely wonderful.

Brainchild of ramen-obsessed Keizo Shimamoto, Ramen Burgers are available in select locations in NYC and LA, and have already been followed up by others creating alternative 'buns' such as 'mac-n-cheese' patties. I've died and gone to burger-heaven.


Number 4: Duffin

Remember #DuffinGate? In typical David & Goliath style, Bea's of Bloomsbury, creator and publisher of a Doughnut-Muffin recipe supplying the cakey-doughnutty treat called 'Duffin' in their popular London tea rooms, took on coffee-behemoth Starbuck's when it emerged they had trademarked the word 'Duffin' to describe what suspiciously sounded very much like Bea's version. Amassing sizeable support via social media, #DuffinGate got noticed by influential media such as the Guardian, Independent (photo credit), and BBC, which resulted in Starbucks having to issue a statement acknowledging Bea's of Bloomsbury.



Number 3: Townie

Bea's of Bloomsbury strikes again with another pastry mash-up, this time of a brownie and a tart dreamt up by the owner and food journalist Victoria Stewart of the Evening Standard (photo credit). While the Duffin is much more legendary in my opinion, mainly due to #DuffinGate, the townie actually sounds much more appealing.

Number 2: Cronut

Dominique Ansel's trademarked Croissant-Doughnut creation has created pre-dawn queues outside his NYC bakery, a black market due to limited production capacity, and caused the world to go nuts about Cronuts spawning knock-offs and copy cats!



Number 1: Muffles

Upon googling 'muffles' you may see some attempts at throwing up a hybrid for the sake of a hybrid. Muffin & Waffle? To me, that's still a waffle, with the addition of some blueberries mixed into the batter. 

However, a cross between marshmallow and chocolate truffles - smooth chocolate shell, encrusted with crushed nuts or cookie, filled with marshmallow fluff and a soft chocolate truffle core - it simply could have no other name other than 'Muffles'. Our very own baby, as biased as it may seem, is my number 1. 

Marshmallow Truffles Muffles


Available online.

Come and get Muffled!


Reshmi xoxo