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5 Wedding Cake Trends to Avoid in 2017

I think there’s a place in this world for all types of cake, dependent on the occasion, your style and its deliciousness levels. It’s just that when it comes to a wedding, I DO think it’s important to focus on what you love and not just what’s fashionable at the time. That way, in 10 years you’ll look back and laugh at some of the choices you made, but it won’t matter because you’ll know that everything was all about what you dig as a couple.So I’ve trawled the trend lists to find you the ideas that I’d avoid in 2017 if I were you. Read more

Why Wedding Cakes Are "Expensive"

Well, I suppose, “They don’t have to be.” That is if you don’t mind it turning out looking like this:

Wedding Cake Disaster

By all means- go ahead and get your Auntie Sue to bake you an inexpensive wedding cake, but you’re probably getting one made with different ingredients than you would a custom wedding cake by a professional cake maker. Costs for commercial production line cakes and cakes made of fresh, high-quality ingredients, from scratch and bespoke are completely different. This is not to say that it needs to be off-the-charts-Oprah-expensive… but it is your special moment, so you don’t want to pick up a frozen sheet cake from a supermarket and call it a day. Or maybe you’d prefer something less traditional… like this sushi wedding cake topped with squeaky ducks?

Sushi Wedding Cake

Or... maybe not. 


No. No, it’s not. For starters, you’re paying for artistry, experience and craftsmanship and there’s a lot of labour involved with making an elegant cake. Then, there’s also a very personal level of service. A large, complicated cake design can start months in advance (sugar flowers never die), and take days to decorate. Like Tracy Morgan’s wedding cake for his nuptials to his new wife, Megan. The cake stood 5′ 5″ tall, and featured 8 tiers, a topper and 3 floral separator tiers. The bottom floral separator featured floral ‘legs’ that held the bottom tier.

Flower Wedding Cake

But perhaps the most essential element is, you’re buying the latest cake style—not, God -forbid, some old, hackneyed design from 2010 ripped from Modern Bride. Cakes also have to keep up with the times, and like fashion, one year pastels are in, the next year, they’re out.

One big variable in the price in your wedding cake also has to do with the techniques used, the materials needed to execute your vision and the time involved. For example, does the cake need to be sculpted free-hand or is it more of a simple shape? Will it need to be hand-painted or will there be airbrushed stencils used? Sugar, Buttercream or Fresh flowers for decoration? All these factors are important and have an impact on the final cost of the cake.


Of course it all started with Ancient Roman wedding ceremonies that were finalised by breaking a cake of wheat or barley over the bride’s head as a symbol of good fortune. Duh. Afterwards, the wedding guests gathered up the crumbs as tokens of good luck.... but not so much luck for the bride who would then most likely declare a headache on her wedding night. Who can blame her after being hit over the head with that madness? 

Fast forward a few thousand years to east Yorkshire. There, a wedding cake was a sweet but heavy confection offered to the bride upon arrival at her new home. After eating a tiny piece, the bride threw the remainder over her head to ensure that she and her new husband would want for nothing. The groom then threw the plate over his head. If it broke, the couple’s future happiness and good fortune were assured. Not sure what the deal is with all the "tossing over the head" but apparently this brings good luck. Don't try this at home with small puppies or children, please. Cakes only. Thank you. 

Wedding Cakes for all

Instead, try to make this recipe at home for fun~ but NOT for your wedding cake: 

Wedding Cake Recipe: Yorkshire Matrimony Cake

8 ounces pie pastry

4 tablespoons breadcrumbs

4 tart green apples, peeled and cored

4 tablespoons mixed currants, raisins, sultanas

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger

1/2 teaspoon grated nutmeg

2 tablespoons brown sugar

2 tablespoons golden syrup Juice of 1 lemon

Divide the pastry into two pieces, one twice as large as the other. Roll out the larger piece and ease it into an 8-inch tart pan. Slice the apples and arrange on the pastry base. Sprinkle the rest of the ingredients over the apples. Roll out the remaining pastry and lay it on top, sealing the edges well. Bake for about 40 minutes at 350°f until the pastry is golden. Serve warm or cold with whipped cream.

Then in 1840, when Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert, classic white icing was used to decorate her cake this was known as “royal icing” ever since. The multi-tiered cake by the nineteenth century had gradually become the “wedding cake” and it measured more than nine feet in circumference! Now, that's a lot of sugar!

According to the The London Times of February 1840, the second tier of the cake was supported by two pedestals and there was a sculpture of Britannia as well as the royal couple exchanging their vows. Let's not forget the dog at their feet that symbolised faithfulness- and of course two turtledoves, symbolising purity and innocence. So this is why so many traditional cakes have white icing! Who knew? 



Yes, you can! Don’t let the prices of fancy bakeries and wedding websites bum you out! Everywhere from London to New York City, there is truly a wedding cake you can have for every budget imaginable. The Bride hand-holding might cost extra, however.

With a custom cake designer, you should be getting the best ingredients from around the world: the finest vanilla, chocolate and butter. Your custom designer should be using genuine buttercream as well. If you’d rather have a fondant cake, make sure there’s genuine buttercream, jam or marzipan underneath it. Although some say the taste of fondant is less enticing, it can stand up to high heat and humidity.  Some say that a buttercream cake is less expensive than a fondant cake. While this may not be entirely false, most cake decorators prefer to decorate with fondant so they don’t have to worry about trying to make the buttercream smooth, which is a skill that takes time to perfect. Make sure to ask your cake decorator if there’s an extra “fondant fee” and when you’re working with a specialised cake designer, you’re within your budget and let your baker know of your budget. You should inquire what their base level pricing is prior to scheduling a consultation. Some people falsely believe that if you spill the beans on your budget, the decorator will charge every penny while not giving as much cake.

Also, please don’t poison your guests by using fresh flowers without the guarantee that they are safe to use. Lots of fresh flowers can be poisonous so putting them on a cake can make your guests sick. Not the most fun to be had on the dance floor. Of course there are some flowers that are not toxic. But if the flowers are not grown organically and not sprayed with pesticides, you may be taking a risk you’d just as soon avoid. Consider paying the extra money to for sugar flowers. They last longer, taste better, and no one will toss their buffet on the dance floor in the middle of the electric slide… as it were. A wedding cake is definitely the centrepiece of your wedding reception and it’s not where you want to cut corners.


Let’s not forget that most cake decorators are artists first and businessmen second. A cake decorator wants to create the best, most delicious and beautiful cake they can and would rather give you more for your money than less. A cake decorator always needs to know your budget in order to design a custom cake. Before you know your budget, it’s best to not get too attached to a concept or specific decoration until you find out whether it’s physically possible and whether or not the gold they used to make the Rolex cake you want is real.

Rolex Wedding Cake

Remember: not all cakes are created equal. The sandals you bought in Bermuda on the beach aren’t made the same way as a pair of Jimmy Choos. You only buy your wedding cake once in your life (hopefully). So, if you want a fancy cake, don’t expect to pay a supermarket price. Cakes are also deceptively heavy, so transporting and carrying a cake for 100 to its destination may take more time and planning than a cake for 20.

Essentially there are three factors that determine the cost of your cake: the complexity of design and the construction of the cake, the amount of servings, and the actual baker and designer’s fee. Keep these in mind when starting your planning and please share your ideas with your baker and designer to see if they're realistic. 


Increasingly, it seems that weddings these days are almost branded with colours and themes along with monograms of the bride and groom that are repeated over and over... and over. Some people have gone far enough to use Gobo lights that scatter monogram colours on wedding-hall dance floors. Even more common are the image sharing websites like Pinterest or Instagram as well as TV shows like the Great British Bake Off seem to have created new wedding cake experts... or "cakes-perts" as it were... No longer can cake designers get away with plain designs.

Textured wedding cakes are on the rise and details from lace, to involved textures and bling have become wildly popular. Ombré cake designs based on a hair colour trend display different shaded colours in gradation, has taken over as the 'hot' item. 

So where is one to go when they want something fun that won't break the bank and still touts individuality without flying in Kanye West to pop out- might we suggest our "Something Blue"? 

Blue Wedding Cake

Something borrowed, something blue? We have you covered! This may be an unconventional colour but we love using it for cake decorating accents and shading buttercreams in subtle bluesy-hues. Made with the finest chocolate and vanilla sponges then frosted and glazed with our signature silken vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and chocolate glaze, then sprinkled with glazed choux buns and eclairs, baked buttermilk doughnuts, assorted macarons, Ferrero Rocher and "soft-serve" buttercream cones, piped buttercream flowers, Kinder Buenos, KitKats, Oreos and candied popcorn! Kim Kardashian WISHES she had this at her wedding- and we assume, she would at her next. 

If you're a bit more traditional and romantic, you can try our "Rustic Chic Macaron and Roses" wedding cake. 

Rustic Chic Macaron Roses Wedding Cake

Chic macarons and dainty chocolate pearls beside romantic piped buttercream roses and a popcorn cascade anyone? Along with a smooth Swiss meringue buttercream all over and in between the light layers of sponge. Now that's an elegant and modern tradition if there ever was one! 

No matter which way you slice it- wedding cakes are the last thing your guests will taste before they kiss you goodbye and go off into the night- after they Instagram your nuptials, don't you want to leave them with something 'Gram-worthy'? At Anges de Sucre, we know how to satisfy not only your eyeballs- but your taste buds as well. Let us know how we can help! After all, love is sweet and memorable- and your wedding cake should be too. 

Autumnal Bespoke London Wedding Cake

I love it when couples get in touch saying they love our designs and would like to customise it to make it their own bespoke and unique wedding cake. Other than it being dead flattering to be told that someone loves our work, it also gives us the opportunity to think outside our Anges box and gets some of those creative juices flowing again. Like for Anouska and Jack's three-tiered London wedding cake delivered to The Brewery on Chiswell Street.

Wedding Cake London

Now by customising and bespoke I don't mean when customers send us photos of cakes by other cake makers saying, "I love your cakes but can you make something unique and bespoke for us like the cake in the photos attached?". Or, "I love your cakes but we want something more traditional like this [insert dull-as royal iced fruitcake pic]". Errr, lemme let that one sink in for a moment before the realisation hits. It's not unique, and it's not bespoke, if it's already been designed and made by someone else. Also, chances are it'll be much less cost efficient to get us to create something that's not in our style as opposed to going to the original cake maker (or the supermarket for a dull-as royal iced fruitcake!). But I'll just let that one sink in on its own. 

London Wedding Cake

What I mean is we'll customise our style to ANY theme! Anouska wrote to us asking about customising our Doughnut cake design to incorporate with rich autumnal and jewel colours featuring in their bridesmaids dresses and floral design, and we ran with it. My own personal preference are pastels but as I was creating this cake I fell more and more in love with it. The jewel tone glazed doughnuts and candied popcorn add a playfulness to the cake, and the gold leaf macarons and twig-like chocolate sticks give it a luxurious autumnal vibe over tiers of red velvet, vanilla and chocolate sponges.

Here are some other bespoke tiered wedding cakes we've made that I so very much love - they're all in our style but each unique just like their couples!

Devon Wedding Cake

Autumn London Wedding Cake

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

Bespoke Doughnut Wedding Cake for Hannah & Joseph

Hannah and Joseph are the best example of people I want to bake for over and over and over again. The exact opposite of the people on my no-cake-for-you-list. Say what?! There's a list? Oh yeah, there is. But luckily it's not too long and I'll get to it after I wax lyrical about how cool the couples we bake wedding cakes for are!

Hannah and Joseph were SO involved in the design of their bespoke cake. They had a specific brief but were open to all our suggestions on how to incorporate the various elements of their overall "look and feel" of their wedding day into the cake which makes me so happy to bake to. 

Gold Wedding Cake London

The brief translated as luxurious, fun and autumnal. We included real gold leaf embellishments and macarons, doughnuts and popcorn, and to keep in with the seasonal theme we made chocolate truffle acorns with almonds. The colours were pastel pistachio with dove grey accents. Initially, the brief could have gone so very wrong (dove grey is not the most appetising of colours, acorns could be very expensive to hand-model, gold leaf all over a cake is cost prohibitive blah blah), but I was so happy that our suggestions to create the cake perfect for their day and also made them so very happy on their wedding day! So much so that Hannah wrote she was still enjoying the cake 5 days after delivery. Hurrah!

Gold Wedding Cake London

So what's the no-cake-for-you list then you ask? It's a dirty little secret amongst us small business bakers. At the heart of our business, is of course people and as people we all need to feel appreciated to some extent to be motivated into doing our best work ever. Why would we want to ever put out anything lesser any way?? Occasionally we do get some odd enquiries that do not sound or seem "right" for us, and life is too short/time is too tight to accommodate something that we aren't going to feel good doing. And very rarely, but it does happen, do we get some outright rude enquiries. It does floor me, probably because of its infrequent nature. Eg: "I can get 12 macarons for £6 from M&S, is there any negotiation on your price?", "I would like this cake taken from your competitor's website but can you come in on a lower price?". Umm, polite answer is always a quick no thank you, but really what I want to say is you've just insulted me and devalued my work to bits and my heart is crushed and I want to dig a hole and cry into the ground long enough so I disintegrate into mud and get eaten by earthworms because that's how unworthy I feel.

No Cake for You meme Seinfeld

These types of enquiries are often sent by a certain type of consumer, the ones that consider price over value. They may not actually mean anything malicious by it, or indeed may not even be rude people in real life, but I wish they knew how it comes across to the other side, and that it's more likely to get them on the no-cake-for-you-list as opposed to encouraging someone to respond favourably or indeed bake a cake with a smile on their face.




Thank you to Hannah and Joseph for being such a joy to bake for. And to all our customers who value us and our bakes - you really make us whistle while we work :)

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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Modern Wedding Cake Croquembouche at Brides

So remember this little disaster that occurred this summer? The episode where my 5-tiered wedding cake for an epic Brides magazine photo shoot fell from grace? While I may never quite get over that embarrassment wholly, important lessons were learnt (isn't that what "experience" is for?! ;)), I was overjoyed when Brides magazine still considered us taking part in the World's Most Modern Wedding Cakes exhibit at Brides the Show this year. 

They still were keen to feature the Triple Decker Golden Stella cake but I had a better trick up my sleeve - the crazy Croquembouche cake trick! It proved so popular, and is so modern and unlike anything that would have been displayed that it was a no-brainer.

Blue Wedding Cake Croquembouche

The brief was originally 24k so we blinged it up with lots of gold leaf gilded macarons, profiteroles, eclairs and Kinder Buenos, Kitkats, Ferrero Rochers etc. We accentuated the gold with pops of blue piped buttercream flowers, cuz y'know, it's for a wedding and something blue.

Blue Wedding Cake Croquembouche

It does involve a LOT of work. There's the baking of the cakes, the macarons, choux etc and then there is the buttercreaming and carving, followed by hours for the actual decorating. All this croquembouche action came down in the same week I came down with a grim lurgy, as well as creating THAT cake for Fleur de Force, so with very little sleep and a lot of lemsip I had to keep the tiredness at bay and power through, and I even surprised myself with how much I got through on such little energy! #bigpatonownback




It was particularly nice to see photos tagged from the weekend at Brides the Show of the croquembouche wedding cake. I'm so proud to see that it was displayed amidst some great company too!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo 

2-tiered Salted Caramel & Popcorn Wedding Cake

Last weekend we delivered a 2-tiered wedding cake version of our popular Poparazzi salted caramel and popcorn cake to the Chesterfield Hotel in London. This cake is made of tiers of lovely soft vanilla sponges sandwiched with salted caramel Swiss meringue buttercream, a delicious moreish salted caramel chocolate drip glaze and heaps of salted caramel popcorn.

Salted caramel popcorn cake

Our lovely bride placed her wedding cake order online on our website and followed up with an email saying:

"This is my first time ordering with you so hope I have done it all right! We wanted a two-tier cake;). This is our wedding cake..."

WOW the pressure!!! We often hear from our customers how easy ordering our cakes online is, how our fun confirmation emails made them chuckle, and how delivery was prompt and fuss-free. And of course, the cake itself - getting told that it "looks great, tastes even better" will NEVER GET OLD! But I'd be lying if I said I was really cool and breezy about a bride ordered her wedding cake online for delivery to a fancy luxury hotel without so much as an enquiry beforehand - the pressure was real.

I was bouncing off the walls this morning when I got an image of the wedding cake from the bride, all set up beautifully at the Chesterfield Hotel! It looks gorgeous with her custom Bride & Groom cake topper (made by Madame Tussauds Hong Kong! So clever!) and twinkly lights.

Salted Caramel Wedding Cake

And then I may have blubbed a bit reading her email that came with the wedding cake pic:

"Just thought we would drop you a note to let you know how much we appreciated the amazing cake you made for our wedding!!
Our guests were so amazed & could not get enough of the cake, thank you all so very much for making our day extra special!!"
Thank you SO much for trusting us with what would be one of the most special cakes of your lives Monica - it's a real honour and pleasure!
Lots of love,
Reshmi xoxo