A huge chunk of the kiddy population are absolutely tractor-mad. There's a whole show dedicated to a tractor called Ted - Tractor Ted. And Tractor Ted is MASSIVE. There are Tractor Ted clothes, wellies, books, lunch boxes, you get the drift.

I might not get the appeal of a tractor, but plenty others do. Little Cedric loves tractors too and for his birthday his mum ordered a bespoke tractor on a farm birthday cake.

Farm Tractor Birthday Cake

I LOVE farm-themed cakes. They're so cute, lovable and wholesome. We'd previously done a tall tiered Old MacDonald Farm cake in which I could cram a lot of little details into. This time, working on a 6" cake as a canvas was exciting - how much detail can I cram into just a single tier? Turns out, a LOT.


Inspired by another one of our creations - the Peter Rabbit cake (is that big-headed? To inspire myself? So be it). We have chocolate sponge layers (our chocolate hero sponge recipe of course), and blue Swiss meringue buttercream, with the buttercream cabbages, carrots and fencing. But this time, we've got a hand-modelled tractor as the main feature, amongst chocolate cake "soil", a shovel, and cute little cow and sheep heads peeking over.

Edible Tractor Cake Topper

We loved this Farm Tractor cake so much that we had to add it to our childrens cakes to order collection, so all tractor-mad kiddies (and adults) can have a slice of it! 

Bespoke Tractor Birthday Cake for Kids

If you'd like to customise your Farm Tractor cake further - perhaps you'd like to add a pig, chicken, horse, a different coloured tractor or something else, it's completely possible to do so. Do email us with your wish list and we'll get back to you with your custom quote. Or oooh maybe, if you're having a huge party, you'd like it as a cakescape with tractors, piglets, chicks, dogs, a little pond with ducklings? OH THE CUTENESS!


Reshmi xoxo

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