How to Make Your Own Cake Sandwiches

So I may have re-invented the wheel last week. Cake sandwiches have been around for a while - Victoria Sponge Sandwich Cake is basically two sponge cake layers with a buttercream and jam filling. All I did last week was slice two layers of hero sponge, filled it with sweet fillings, sandwiched, cut into triangles and put in a sandwich box. It surprisingly went down a storm on Instagram and I was convinced to upload them onto our website for postal cake sandwich online orders. I did it thinking I would sell about 5. We sold more than 200 overnight.

Cake Sandwich Factory

Since then (and it's only been a week!), countless bakeries have started making their own versions here and abroad, including a popular baking celebrity, and it's become a cake trend - and we ALL LOVE A TREND!

Cake Sandwich Flavours

As much as I love these cake sandwiches, I can't meet the demand. We can only take on a limited amount of orders to fit into our production with our regular birthday cake and wedding cake orders. So if you've missed being able to order, or can't quite justify spending that amount on a sandwich, or fancy giving it a go for yourself, read on - I'm showing you how to make the best cake sandwiches!

Equipment You Need

A rectangular baking tin of size 12"x9" with minimum 2" depth (or similar)

A cake leveller (we use inexpensive KitchenCraft ones - cheap, cheerful and durable)

A knife - a chef's knife (not a diddly paring knife)

A cranked/angled palette knife (I don't know why they even bother manufacturing non-angled palette knives - I never use anything other than my cranked)

Recipe Components

Sandwich Sponge

Use our signature Hero Sponge recipe. Why? Cake sandwich slices are thinner than usual and will dry out faster. Our Hero Sponge recipe uses a mix of yoghurt or buttermilk, milk and oil to keep the crumb moist for far longer than butter-based recipes. Hence, this is the only sponge we would use (which is handy, because we use it for EVERYTHING). You can get the basic recipe here, or if you'd like to try flavour variations, or free-from hero sponge recipes you can grab them here.

1x the recipe is enough for 1 tray. Bake at 150-160 degrees C for 30-35 mins (could take less/more time depending on your oven - check with a skewer for doneness always). Let cool in the trays for 15-20 minutes, flip over carefully and let cool on a wire rack completely.

Cake Sandwich Sponge

Once cooled, use a cake leveller to torte 1.5-2cm thick layers evenly. Wrap in cling film and chill in the fridge or freezer till you need to assemble. They need to be chilled till they are firm for assembling. You can make the sponges in advance of your event - check the recipes for more storage guidelines.

Buttercream Filling

We use our popular Swiss meringue buttercream recipe. It uses half the amount of sugar as regular frosting and is perfectly balanced in sweetness. Its texture is creamy and smooth, like ice cream. And it spreads like a dream. You could use any icing of course, but for me, balance is key.


Ganache Filling

Ganache adds a gorgeous, gooey texture to the cake sandwich. It also helps keep the sandwich stay moist. I love our salted caramel ganache but you could use any type of chocolate ganache. It also doesn't have to be ganache - jam, lemon curd, or any favourite spreads like Nutella, peanut butter or Biscoff is great.

Crunchy Filling

The best kinds of sandwiches are the ones packed with flavour AND textures. If you've never put crisps in your sandwich, you've never eaten a sandwich properly. Biting through sweet soft sponge layers, with a mouthful of silky smooth buttercream, gooey ganache, and a satisfying crunch at the end is peak cake sandwiching. You can choose crushed cookies, pretzels, Kinder Buenos, twix, kitkats...anything that you love that has a slight bite.

Cake Sandwich Assembly

When you're ready to assemble your cake sandwiches, bring the sponge layers out of the fridge or freezer and unwrap them. Separate the layers.

Spread a cup of buttercream evenly on one sponge layer, with the back of the cranked palette knife evenly, edge to edge.

Cake Sandwich Assembly

Spread 4 tablespoons of ganache or spread evenly over the other slice of sponge cake.

Scatter the crushed crunchy filling evenly over the buttercream side.

Kinder Cake Sandwich Assembly

Sandwich over with the ganached slice. Press down gently for the layers to combine. You may or may not choose to trim the sides.

Cut in 4 quarters for 4 sandwiches. Cut each quarter diagonally for two triangles. You now have your trendy cake sandwiches!

Cake Sandwich Mailing Box UK

Cake Sandwich Packaging

You can serve the sandwiches on a platter if being eaten straightaway. If you'd like to serve later, you will have to wrap each sandwich in cling film to preserve its moisture. 

But they look SUPER CUTE in sandwich wedges that are easily available online. But remember to wrap your sandwiches in cling film first - card boxes are NOT airtight and your sandwiches WILL BE DRY LIKE MELANIA and your box will get manky (I'm seeing too many bakeries short-cutting this step and it's making me cry for all those cake sandwich lives lost).

These cake sandwiches make wonderful gifts, cheeky office treats, kids party favours...the list goes on. And they are VERY portable (walking around with cupcakes or layer cakes is NOT ideal). 

Birthday Cake Sandwich Postal

So, do you love them? Or does it make you feel uneasy?? The whole "sweet parading as savoury" thing? Will you make these? Let me know! If it all goes to pot, you know where to get the best OG cake sandwiches from.


Reshmi xoxo


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July 24, 2024

Is there a way to keep the crunchy insides somewhat crunchy if they are going to sit a while before giving away or frozen and thawed?



June 17, 2024

What does dry like Melania mean?

Whitney A Johnson

Whitney A Johnson

September 11, 2023

Do you slice the cake in half before sandwiching? You have a buttercream side and a ganche side. Do you separate these before putting the ganche side on top of the buttercream?

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